Folksy Friday – all things woolly!

I’ve been crocheting again this week! Considering opening up on Folksy again.. So this weeks Folksy Friday is all things wool, crochet, knitting!

Newborn Baby Beanie Hat – Hand Knitted – Red, White & Blue Stripes by Blueberry Barn, £11.


Natural Yarn Bracelet Cuff by DysfunctionDesigns, £8.


knitting notebook by kate broughton, £5.


18mm WOODEN CROCHET HOOK! HANDMADE! by Stylewire Crochet, £4.


Stoneware pottery yarn bowl with little star hook by littlewrenpottery, £12.


‘I like to ride my bike’ Karrie bag by Nicknots, £19.


‘Ninja’ Crochet hook roll. by Nicknots

Last weeks Folksy Friday!








Five positive things.

  1. Coffee… with the friend I’ve had the longest! We’ve been friends since she and her family moved into my parents’ street more than 20 years ago! I showed her the photos I’d taken at her sisters wedding on the 1st March as she’d not seen them yet! Good to catch up!
  2. Great customer service. Received my order from Deramores this morning and two of the ball were the wrong shade. So I emailed and they responded promptly with a prepaid label to return them and they posted the intended colours out to me.
  3. Sorry. This morning whilst being cross with the kids I said something I didn’t mean. I apologised to them after school and got an apology back as well. If parents can’t say sorry when they make a mistake, how can we expect our children to do so?
  4. Crochet. Started the new project today, been a while since I’ve done any, feels good to be hooking again! Even though I had to restart it a few times!
  5. Relax. My husband is out this evening so I’m off to crochet with a cup of tea and some Maltesers. Good night!