Folksy Friday – Vee-double-you!

After going to a VW show at the weekend choosing today’s theme wasn’t too hard! Enjoy!

VW Cushion by In Stitches Custom Crafts, £12.
‘Split Personality’ VW Camper print by Jimmy Allanson Designs, £25.
VW Split Screen Campervan Greeting Card by Original Art By Clare, £2.
VW camper van torn paper collage by Inky Bird, £50.
iPhone 5 Cover VW Camper in Duck Egg Blue by Modern and Vintage, £12.50.
Fat Quarter Michael Miller – We Come In Peace, VW Camper Van, Aliens by Flying Goose Studio, £2.75.
A4 Favourite Campervan Holiday Print by moonglowart, £13.

Last weeks Folksy Friday!

The floor at Nanny’s is comfy!

  1. Bon Voyage. Our friend who in visiting from France is leaving tomorrow so we spent the morning/early afternoon with her and her girls. Been lovely having them visit, must get our passports sorted so we can visit her! Safe journey home girls! 🙂

  2. Super Nan. This afternoon we visited Webby’s Nan, who the kids have lovingly named ‘Super Nan’! Been a while since we’ve seen her, so that was lovely!
  3. Nanny & Grandy’s! After Nan’s we went to Webby’s folks for the rest of the afternoon, the kids have been asking to visit them a lot recently, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen them for one reason or another so was good to catch up! Kids had a great play in the garden with one of their cousins and soaking up the sun!

    IMG_0171 IMG_0169

  4. VW print! Had a request for a print of one of the photographs I took from the VW show yesterday! 😀 So chuffed! It’s this one…
    Campervan Love :: keep it simple
  5. Standing. Violet’s been standing for a couple of seconds by herself eek! She’s been playing the ‘I’ll throw things on the floor and you can pick them up’ game a lot today! And saying ‘uh oh’ every time she does! Hehe!

Lots of vdubs were seen today!

  1. Webby cuddle. Skin playing up again today. Got a doctors appointment next week, can’t remember if I’ve mentioned. Sometimes it gets me quite down and today I had a little weep. But then Webby gave me a cuddle and made me feel much better. Lucky to have him 🙂

  2. VW show.. At Stanford hall, Lutterworth. Been a few years since we went to a Vdub show! It’s grown a lot since last time we were there! Started off cloudy but sun broke through turning the sky a gorgeous shade of blue and making the cars shine! Kids loved it and have now decided they want a camper van!

    Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple

  3. Family. We met up with some of the Webb family at the VW show! Including one who is visiting from Australia so that was great! Been a while since we’d seen some of the others so turned out to be a lovely day 🙂
  4. Food diary. Been meaning to start a food diary but has been one of those things that keeps slipping my mind but since it’s been sore today I’ve just started one. Probably encourage me to be a bit healthier too! Must try and keep it up!
  5. Nose in a book. Just been up to say goodnight to Millie and Xander and Millie has got her nose stuck in a new book! It’s House of Secrets by Chris Columbus (Goonies!) and Millie seems to be really enjoying it! Think I’ll read it when she’s done!