The weekend’s positives!

  1. Happy customers! On Friday I delivered some booties to a customer and she was so excited about them it was lovely! πŸ™‚ Also the lovely lady that the blanket order was for had her baby boy and she shared a photo of him snoozing under it πŸ™‚
  2. Visits. My cousin popped to see us twice over last few days, on her way up to see her friend and when she came back down a couple days later, always enjoy her visits, as do the kids! My friend and her boys came and had a quick cuppa yesterday too, I love how our kids get on so well!
  3. Decorating. We wall papered what will be the girls’ room today! Its a job that we’ve been intending to do for a while but kept putting off but not today! We’ve bought the paint ready to paint it too, that next on the to-do list over next few days! I hopefully will never have to wall paper again!
  4. Gratefulness. A massive huge big thank you to my Mum and Dad who had Millie, Xander and Violet all day while we decorated, especially to Mum who also kept us fed! Appreciated much!

    Had to snap these pretty heart petals that had fallen from the flowers on the table!

  5. Funny faces. Violet is pulling some cracking faces at the moment! Makes everyone laugh, she loves it! She’s learning so much I can’t keep up!

I do love handwritten mail!

Five positives..

  1. Sitting. Last night Millie and Xander were playing out the front so I took Violet and sat with her on the grass, just watching them all. Webby was home a bit earlier than usual and it was just a really lovely chilled evening!
  2. Postcard. I got a postcard from my cousin today just saying get well soon (eyelid infection and feeling run down last week) and that she was looking forward to visiting soon. I love handwritten mail, especially unexpected and so thoughtful πŸ™‚
  3. A thank you.. to a lovely school mum who helped me out unlocking my old iPhone so I can pass it on to a friend now I’ve upgraded! πŸ™‚
  4. Playing. Violet has been so smiley and happy today! She’s starting to sit and play a bit longer by herself the last few days, today it was the pegs that she kept going and playing with and then this evening she was sat by the window giggling at Millie and Xander through the window!
  5. Hooking! Started another crochet order this evening! And finished these dinky booties this morning πŸ™‚

    DSC_6985 DSC_6990

  6. Goodnight!

Just a quick five!



Late one tonight so going to keep it brief!

  1. New kettle and toaster! The toaster is a funky orange! I like new kitchen bits!
  2. Cousins. Popped to my in-laws this afternoon, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law were there so the kids and their cousins had a good play!
  3. The Sewing Shop. Stopped by the local sewing shop to pick up some bits for a new sewing project and drop off a CV! Eep!
  4. Going out! Our first evening out since having Violet! We went to a friends house so our husbands could play retro games on old consoles! She’d cooked a tasty beef casserole and I took some carrot cake, lovely evening!
  5. Thank you… to my folks who came across and looked after Millie and Xander while we were out (first evening out since having Violet!) Appreciated much x

Bringing my cast iron pot back to life and other positive things!

Here are my five positive things for today!

  1. Holidays! As I was walking back from school this morning I started to think about today’s five.. My first one is definitely school holidays! No school runs for two weeks! We’re off to Wales tomorrow for a probably freeze-your-exremeties-right-off-cold break but it will be a break none the less! Maybe I should crochet myself some of theseΒ *snigger* I could make a matching little something for my husband.. Google ‘crochet willy warmer’ – they exist, I kid you not! Wonder how many more hits I’ll get for mentioning nipples and willies?! Anyway, am looking forward to family times, reading and a spot of crochet.
  2. Organisation. After my organisation fail yesterday with the Easter bonnet, I’m trying to make up for it today! I’ve cooked bolognese, chilli con carne (thank you again Hairy Bikers!) AND chicken cacciatoreΒ (I added peppers and some herbs to this recipe) to take away with us so there will be less cooking while we are there! I’ve ironed (a bit, see number 5!), washed, packed and shopped. Oh and dusted. Go me!
  3. Cast iron pot brought back to life.. after I thought I’d killed it with truly burnt on food! I found a tip online that suggested putting some washing detergent (powder) in it with some boiling water and leaving it to soak for an hour or so then scraping away the food. To my delight it worked! Woo hoo!
  4. Raspberry wars! Violet been blowing a whole load of raspberries today, it’s so very cute. We had a raspberry blowing war, she’s almost as good as me πŸ˜‰
  5. My Mum. My Ma & Pa popped in today and as I’d got the ironing board out Mum took over and did the ironing for me! Thanks Ma πŸ™‚ She also brought round some delicious home made biscuits, I’ll have to see if I can get the recipe!Biscuits!

Last minute Mum, baby wearing & Hairy Bikers!

  1. School Easter service. I’m not religious but I do love to see the kids singing along at the Easter service! Violet enjoyed it too though she jumped every time the clapping started!!
  2. Google. As usual I’d left the Easter bonnet till last minute and didn’t manage to get out to buy one. So I trusted good old Google to rescue me! Google found me the Good to KnowΒ website with a template for an Easter bunny mask! I think Xander makes a very cute Easter bunny don’t you?!Easter bunny mask!Also thank you Google for finding me tips on how to make rock hard sugar soft again! We shall have banana cake!
  3. Thanks Dad. Yesterday Dad was my taxi since our car is stuck in the garage being fixed! Much appreciated!
  4. Babywearing. Love using my wrap to carry Violet, it’s so snuggly and useful to have my hands free, especially on the school run! Its a Girasol Earthy Rainbow from LoveToBeNatural.co.uk. I also have a Rose & Rebellion full buckle carrier, but I tend to use that when I’m out and about in the car. Today it came in extra handy since I needed to post a large item and as I mentioned I don’t have use of the car. So I put the parcel on the pushchair and pushed it to the Post Office whilst wearing Violet! Mission accomplished!
    Ready to go!
    Ready to go!

    So comfy!
  5. Healthy cooking. I used to love a take away but recently I don’t seem to enjoy them. They’re so unhealthy and I just feel rubbish eating them! It can’t do you any favours! I spotted this recipe for sweet ‘n’ sour in the Hairy Bikers dieting book so thought I’d give it a go. It’s so quick and easy and delicious! Tonight I’ve tried it with turkey instead of chicken to make it slightly cheaper. Have tried a couple of other recipes from their dieting book and they’ve been very good! I don’t watch much of their TV shows but my son calls them ‘the funny men’!

Beach hut and some sun!

Been adding bits to the beach hut today, including these beautiful shells that Nic from Fibre ArtΒ brought me on her visit last year πŸ™‚ Thank you! x

A few other sunny shots πŸ™‚

bright daffodils in the garden – spring is finally here!
lichfield cathedral πŸ™‚

and some light painting!