Let the sunshine in!

Five positive things today :

1. Let the sunshine in. Been another glorious sunny day! Even bought myself some new sunnies!

2. Scones. While Violet napped this morning, meaning I couldn’t carry on noisy housework, I baked scones! Had to use some wholemeal flour as ran out of white but they’re ok! Nice with butter and rhubarb & ginger jam!

3. Friends. Had something on today that I was a bit nervous about but felt much more at ease after kind words from a few friends (and a hug from one!), and a phone call from Webby πŸ™‚

4. Skirt! Got to wear the skirt I made today! First time I’d worn it out! Had a couple of compliments too! πŸ™‚

5. Family tea. My folks were looking after the kids while I popped to town this afternoon, my sister in law was there too, I met Webby while I was out and when we got back to Mum’s he went and picked up my brother and we all had dinner together! Great food, lovely company πŸ™‚


The floor at Nanny’s is comfy!

  1. Bon Voyage. Our friend who in visiting from France is leaving tomorrow so we spent the morning/early afternoon with her and her girls. Been lovely having them visit, must get our passports sorted so we can visit her! Safe journey home girls! πŸ™‚

  2. Super Nan. This afternoon we visited Webby’s Nan, who the kids have lovingly named ‘Super Nan’! Been a while since we’ve seen her, so that was lovely!
  3. Nanny & Grandy’s! After Nan’s we went to Webby’s folks for the rest of the afternoon, the kids have been asking to visit them a lot recently, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen them for one reason or another so was good to catch up! Kids had a great play in the garden with one of their cousins and soaking up the sun!

    IMG_0171 IMG_0169

  4. VW print! Had a request for a print of one of the photographs I took from the VW show yesterday! πŸ˜€ So chuffed! It’s this one…
    Campervan Love :: keep it simple
  5. Standing. Violet’s been standing for a couple of seconds by herself eek! She’s been playing the ‘I’ll throw things on the floor and you can pick them up’ game a lot today! And saying ‘uh oh’ every time she does! Hehe!

The lady bird that got away!

Bit late today but here’s my five!

  1. Home early. Webby has had a stinking cold lat few days, today he had a rest day from work and came home a bit early. I know he’s not well but was lovely to have him around!

  2. Lunch & leg dancing. My mum did us lunch today – steak ‘n’ chips! Thanks Mum! After we were having a cup of tea and Violet was playing on the floor, lying on her side. She then pushed the button on her musical toy and stated jigging her leg around in the air! Was so funny to watch!

    Here’s another new trick she’s learnt – uh oh!

  3. Sunshine & garden time. The sun has shone most of the day today so after school the children got to play outside helping Daddy clear a bit more of the back garden, watching him cut the grass, and Violet exploring flowers and a lady bird (it quickly decided it would be safer in the air!)
    IMG_7826 IMG_7830 IMG_7828
  4. New phone. Today I became eligible for a phone upgrade. I decided on the iPhone 4S. I currently have an iPhone 4 that I love but couldn’t justify forking out for the latest iPhone so went for the next one up from mine instead! Also reduced the monthly payment plan i was on!
  5. Cuddles. Little Violet has come down with this nasty cold too so lots of cuddles have been had already! She’s just gone down in her cot but think she’ll be joining me in bed before long. Webby has taken to the sofa so we’ve got room to co-sleep bless him!

Chats and challenges!


  1. Showers. I was stood in the hot, powerful shower this morning, with a cup of tea, thinking ‘ahhh this is bliss’. I do love a good shower. While we were away I missed our shower! The ok-but-not-great shower in the upstairs bathroom seemed a better option than using the power shower downstairs as I couldn’t stomach stepping out into arctic conditions after being in the warm! It got me thinking how we take things for granted, we’re lucky to even have one! I remember when we visited the Philippines in my childhood, bathing using a cup and a big tub full of cold water! Other countries don’t have as much as that! Its all too easy to forget how lucky we are..
  2. Warm (ish) sunshine! The sun was out again today only this time it actually had a bit of warmth! Could this be spring at last?!
  3. Visiting friends. Had a trip to Manchester today to visit my lovely friend Sarah! (She blogs hereΒ and makes amazing cakes!) We had great little catch up, with chats about blogging, de-cluttering and of course the good old uni days! The children all played beautifully and didn’t want to leave! After lunch we walked down to the local park, where the fun continued and Violet had her first go on a swing!ImageXander zonked out in car on way back he had so much fun!Β ImageThank you Sarah for a fab day πŸ™‚ And thank you Webby for driving us up there! ❀
  4. Blossom. As we were walking back from the park in Manchester there was a beautiful cherry blossom tree! The first I’ve seen in bloom this year, they’re so pretty!
  5. Race for Life. I’ve entered my first race! Eep! A 5k Race for LifeΒ in June. I don’t think I’m going to actively go looking for sponsors as it’s more a personal achievement thing but I do have a sponsor me page if anyone would like to!

One for the body, two for the head.. Do you know the game?!

Five for today are!

1. Midnight smiles and co-sleeping. Generally at night Violet goes to bed in her cot but sometimes she won’t settle in it after she’s woken for a feed so she just comes in bed with us, none of this cry it out Gina Ford malarkey. The last couple if nights it’s been really chilly so we’ve had heat on but then been too hot! I ended up pushing Webby out the bed (in my sleep!) oops! So last night he set up camp in the big kids room so I could comfortably share with Violet (love him I do!) I came to bed about 11:30pm which disturbed Violet enough to wake her so in she came. She was all smiley and cuddley for a few minutes after she’d had some milk, then she just drifted off to sleep. I love waking up with her little happy face looking up at me!

2. Beach run. Finally got to run on the beach today after the tide being in fail from Saturday! Felt great to have the sound of the waves keeping me going. I took a few shots along the way…

3. Running gear. Got some new running stuff whilst out and about today. ‘Til now I’ve just been running in old joggers and a hoody so hopefully will feel more comfy now!

4. Sea air hair. You know when you’ve been on the beach, it’s really windy and your hair is all tangled from being blown all over the place? That! Love it! We started off visiting Aberystwyth and ended up going to Borth as well! It’s a place Webby used to go as a child so he wanted to go back and see if it was as he remembered. He said it had changed a lot but it was still beautiful. I have to agree! We drove down to the sand dunes where you can park your car on the beach by the estuary. We sat and had sandwiches and chocolate muffins then Millie and Xander each had a go at driving the car! Queue copious amounts of excitement and giggling!


Then off we went for a mini trek round the sand dunes. Millie and Xander had a brilliant time running up and down and hiding behind the grass!20130402-190943.jpg20130402-191004.jpg20130402-191021.jpg
It was stunning weather too though a little too windy for Violet! Luckily she was wrapped up warm and snuggling Daddy!20130402-191211.jpg20130402-191232.jpg20130402-191423.jpg
The wind had made some great patterns in the sand..

5. Beetle drive! Spotted this game in a toy shop in Aberystwyth. Once Violet was asleep we had a game! Great fun! Xander won the first game!

How have you got raspberries up your face?!

Five positives for today..

1. Waking up. Woke up to sun trying to shine through the blinds this morning! Bea

This is the view from our bedroom!

2. Run! Have had a week off running due to the weather and the pavements being deadlier than the road (in my head I wrote that to the Space song – Female of the Species!) Today I put my trainers on and off I went. Was a tough one today, a combination of not having run for a week, trying to pick up where I left off, hills and stitch are accountable for that! The two mile run turned out to be a two mile run then a two mile walk back, next time I’ll be making sure the tide is out! But it’s done and that feels good!

20130330-093147.jpg Not bad views running round here!

3. Daffodils and lambs! Signs spring is on it’s way and that we can hopefully turn our backs on the snow and gloom for a while! According to the Independant it’s been the coldest March for half a century! It’s all this global warming eh?


4. At the moment Violet will try and sometimes eat pretty much anything I put in front of her which is more than can be said for my eldest two! I try not to worry about that though, am sure their tastes will broaden as they get older. It’s a pleasure to see Violet munching away! She’s the only one of my children that will eat tomatoes, here she is demolishing some raspberries and getting it all over her face!



In the words of Sir Cliff, “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!”




I can see the sea!

Today’s positives…
1. Our beautiful country. Drove through some stunning scenery on our way to Wales, the mountains still covered in snow. Been a while since we did a log car journey with Violet, she hasn’t been a massive fan of the car but she was much more settled today πŸ™‚



2. Sunshine. The journey was made much more pleasant by the presence of the sun warming the car and lifting spirits! A good start to our break! I hope we see more of it during this week!

3. I can see the sea. We can see it from the cottage we’re staying in, stunning! It’s so peaceful.


4. Clapping! Violet has been clapping today, it’s not the first time she’s clapped but is the first time she’s done it and been able to make a sound!

5. Reading and crochet. Not picked up my kindle for a few weeks but today I did and read a few pages of You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s cheap). Interesting stuff and makes a lot of sense. In this chapter the author writes about the link between debt and depression. Also enjoyed a spot of crochet. If only my multi tasking skills were such that I could do both at the same time!

Beach hut and some sun!

Been adding bits to the beach hut today, including these beautiful shells that Nic from Fibre ArtΒ brought me on her visit last year πŸ™‚ Thank you! x

A few other sunny shots πŸ™‚

bright daffodils in the garden – spring is finally here!
lichfield cathedral πŸ™‚

and some light painting!