Kisses, bugs & daisies.

  1. A kiss on the cheek. My husband came and gave me a kiss on the cheek this morning, just because 🙂 Love those kind.
  2. First swim! Webby took Violet swimming for the first time today! She was enjoying it to begin with before she got splashed by a very excited Xander! I need to get a costume sorted so I can join them in the pool next time!
  3. Bugs & daisies. As we were leaving the house this afternoon we saw a butterfly! Then some ladybirds, and then noticed lots of daisies had popped up! Been much milder today with a gusty breeze! The wind is one of my favourite types of weather 🙂
  4. Quasimodo boob.. is feeling better! Relieved as was conscious of it turning into mastitis or worse an abscess!
  5. Yet more de-cluttering! It’s amazing that we still have things to part with! Another two bin bags of clothes went to charity today, Millie and Xander joined in too, sorting their own clothes into piles of too smalldon’t wear and keep.

Snip Snippety Snip!

My fi-diddly-ive!

  1. Snippet of children’s TV. Millie and Xander were watching some television this morning and I over heard a snippet of one of the programs. A girl was upset about having lost her hat and the boy was saying that it didn’t matter as it was just a hat and could be replaced and it was ok because she could enjoy and be excited by the adventure of trying to find her hat! I liked the little snippet I overheard.
  2. Tees. The children were playing outside in the sunshine, in t-shirts! Millie complains of cold as soon as it gets anywhere near single figure degrees centigrade so it must be warming up! Was lovely to see them playing together, they made a treasure map using chalk on the slabs and pegs as the treasure! Then had a go at skipping together 🙂DSC_6569 DSC_6567 DSC_6571
  3. Managed to make a start on my skirt today! Only got as far as cutting the fabric before Violet woke but that’s progress!! Maybe do a bit more this evening 🙂 IMG_7689
  4. Yellow. I love the colour yellow, it’s so cheery! The daffodils in the garden have popped up and they really brighten up the garden! Spotted these funky spiky ones in amongst the normal daffodils! daffodils
  5. Lidl treat. Popped to Lidl this afternoon to pick up some of their ice creams! My husband is a fan of this particular chocolate ice cream (with crunchy bits!) and I thought it would be a nice treat for us all, they do mini ice creams too so the children can have a bit without filling themselves too much! Even Violet struck gold when she found a bit of chocolate on the floor that had fallen off Daddy’s! Oops!

Chats and challenges!


  1. Showers. I was stood in the hot, powerful shower this morning, with a cup of tea, thinking ‘ahhh this is bliss’. I do love a good shower. While we were away I missed our shower! The ok-but-not-great shower in the upstairs bathroom seemed a better option than using the power shower downstairs as I couldn’t stomach stepping out into arctic conditions after being in the warm! It got me thinking how we take things for granted, we’re lucky to even have one! I remember when we visited the Philippines in my childhood, bathing using a cup and a big tub full of cold water! Other countries don’t have as much as that! Its all too easy to forget how lucky we are..
  2. Warm (ish) sunshine! The sun was out again today only this time it actually had a bit of warmth! Could this be spring at last?!
  3. Visiting friends. Had a trip to Manchester today to visit my lovely friend Sarah! (She blogs here and makes amazing cakes!) We had great little catch up, with chats about blogging, de-cluttering and of course the good old uni days! The children all played beautifully and didn’t want to leave! After lunch we walked down to the local park, where the fun continued and Violet had her first go on a swing!ImageXander zonked out in car on way back he had so much fun! ImageThank you Sarah for a fab day 🙂 And thank you Webby for driving us up there! ❤
  4. Blossom. As we were walking back from the park in Manchester there was a beautiful cherry blossom tree! The first I’ve seen in bloom this year, they’re so pretty!
  5. Race for Life. I’ve entered my first race! Eep! A 5k Race for Life in June. I don’t think I’m going to actively go looking for sponsors as it’s more a personal achievement thing but I do have a sponsor me page if anyone would like to!

How have you got raspberries up your face?!

Five positives for today..

1. Waking up. Woke up to sun trying to shine through the blinds this morning! Bea

This is the view from our bedroom!

2. Run! Have had a week off running due to the weather and the pavements being deadlier than the road (in my head I wrote that to the Space song – Female of the Species!) Today I put my trainers on and off I went. Was a tough one today, a combination of not having run for a week, trying to pick up where I left off, hills and stitch are accountable for that! The two mile run turned out to be a two mile run then a two mile walk back, next time I’ll be making sure the tide is out! But it’s done and that feels good!

20130330-093147.jpg Not bad views running round here!

3. Daffodils and lambs! Signs spring is on it’s way and that we can hopefully turn our backs on the snow and gloom for a while! According to the Independant it’s been the coldest March for half a century! It’s all this global warming eh?


4. At the moment Violet will try and sometimes eat pretty much anything I put in front of her which is more than can be said for my eldest two! I try not to worry about that though, am sure their tastes will broaden as they get older. It’s a pleasure to see Violet munching away! She’s the only one of my children that will eat tomatoes, here she is demolishing some raspberries and getting it all over her face!



In the words of Sir Cliff, “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!”