Daisy chains and love.

Five positive things for today..

  1. Cups of tea.. this morning at a friends house! Lovely catch ups with two of my friends who have children at same school as my two, instead of taking cakes or biscuits I took a couple of bunches of tulips πŸ™‚ Love a good old chinwag! Must of tired Violet out!Sleepy V
  2. When I got home there was a little card pushed though the door. It’s nice to know someone is thinking of you!IMG_7762
  3. Soup. Used up a load of vegetables I had in the fridge to make a soup! Less waste is always good!
  4. Daisy chain. As I was standing at school waiting for Millie to come out one of Millie’s friends handed me a daisy chain that she told me she and Millie had made for me, so sweet!Daisy chain love.
  5. Daddy’s coming home! Millie and Xander are very excited that Daddy is back home today (as am I!) after a couple of nights away. It’s wonderful to see how they love him so πŸ™‚

Here’s the bit of sewing from yesterday’s post as promised!

A colourful day!


Five positive things from today:

  1. Cheering up a friend.. with a handmade gift. This is my favourite positive from today πŸ™‚ 
  2. Colourful. Today has looked so colourful! It seems spring has sprung. I noticed a few blossom trees, lots of yellows and pinks popping up from luscious green grass! Wore a yellow top today and got a couple of people comment on how lovely it was to see some bright colour! Spotted this feather flitting around in the breeze this morning, not colourful but had a pretty pattern.feather
  3. Violet. Today and the last couple of days her little character is really starting to show! She can be very serious when inspecting new faces, but with those she’s familiar with she’s all smiles and toothy grins. She laughs at a special few people just because she can and is starting to laugh when you do! She’s getting her cheeky grin perfected pretty quick too! She’s a real pleasure πŸ™‚
  4. Goodnight phone call. My husband has just called to say goodnight, he was away last night and tonight with work, boo hoo, but back tomorrow πŸ™‚ He always calls me though, love to hear his voice on the phone! πŸ™‚
  5. Another project done. Finally got round to sorting Violet’s cot bumper – it didn’t have enough ties on it so it was flapping around and looked a mess, so today I used some of the left over fabric from my skirt, cut up some strips and sewed them on, along with three hearts to make it a bit more interesting as it was just plain off white. Looks much better but Violet is asleep now so will take a couple of photos tomorrow!

Dipping back into embroidery.

After doing my Folksy Friday post and finding the pretty embroidery items, I fancied having a go at doing a little something! It’s been probably more than 20 years since I did any, I used to do it with my Gran on my weekly Sunday visits, between playing Scrabble of draughts! I popped into the local sewing shop (The Sewing Shop!) the next day and picked up a hoop and some threads..

I have a friend, Jodi (from yesterday’s post!) who will be decorating a room for Sylvie and thinking of doing a woodland theme so I thought I’d make a little hanging hoop of some toadstools to go in it. I didn’t have a special disappearing ink pen so I looked at a few pictures online and used one as a guide to look at. I’m pleased with how it turned out! It’s mostly done in backstitch with a few french knots. I think it helped cheer her up after a bit of a traumatic evening (all ok now though!)



Just call me Quasimodo!


Today’s five positive things..

  1. Not cancelling. This morning when I woke up I felt a bit rough – my skin has flared a bit, I’ve done something to my back and I’ve got a blocked milk duct (if I had to describe it with a film character it would be Quasimodo!) I had a friend coming to visit this morning and I very nearly cancelled. But, I jumped in the shower and pulled myself together instead! Skin felt much better after showering, my friend came and we had a lovely catch up! I’d not see her since Violet was a few weeks old and she now has a five month old little boy so finally got to meet him! He was full of smiles and had a lot to say, and found Xander highly amusing!
  2. Finishing my skirt! I’m so pleased with it!
  3. Cake! Baked a carrot cake today, think it’s only the second time I’ve done one! It’s just cooling then I’m going to (hopefully) enjoy a slice with a cup of tea! I shall blog it tomorrow if it’s as delicious as it looks!
  4. Children laughing. While I was upstairs getting Violet to sleep, Millie and Xander were watching a bit of Big Bang Theory. Most of the humour goes over their heads but I could hear Xander giggling away at something, he then came upstairs and told me about it as he’d found it so amusing!
  5. Crochet. Got the rest of the evening to myself as Webby is out working so going to get my crochet bag out, got some ends that need weaving in! Good night!

Folksy Friday – Sewing!

I used to sell hand made items on Folksy, a hand made online shop. Every Friday I’d choose seven items to showcase, with a common theme. As I’ve started blogging again I’d thought it would be a nice idea to start again! In light of my recent sewing project I thought sewing could be my theme this week! Enjoy!

Little Bird Skirt by Posy Sews, Β£10
Spotty Ice Cream Dress by There’s Only One Amy Laws, Β£45
Baby reversible retro sundress and bloomers by Les Petits Anglais, Β£18
50’s Floral Dress by Plum and Pigeon, Β£50
‘Kitty’ vintage fabric clutch purse – Sanderson by Made by Loulabelle, Β£35
Fairy Embroidery Hoop Picture by Handmade by Joanne…x, Β£8
winter fairy embroidery PDF by lilipopo at glass mountain, Β£2.50

Skirt is done! Ta dah!

I finished my skirt this morning! I’m so chuffed with it and it’s a much nicer pattern than the first one I made!Β waistbandpocketsidefrontskirt

If you fancy a go yourself you can find the pattern here! I got my fabric here! Roll on summer! Thank you to my daughter Millie for taking photos!

When will Violet’s face go brown?

Positives for today..

  1. Xander. He makes me chuckle! This morning he asked ‘Mummy, when will Violet’s face go brown?’ I shall explain! Millie and Xander have my mothers skin colouring, she is from the Philippines and although it seems to have skipped me, it’s definitely given them brown skin! Violet on the other hand is fair with dark blonde hair so quite different looking! Made me smile!
  2. Mia 3 – 0 Bridge. Popped to my friends house today and in order to get there you have to go over Walton-on-Trent bridge. It’s really narrow and in our Fiat Doblo it feels like a tight squeeze! Managed to go over it with wing mirrors still in tact! Found myself breathing in and hoping I didn’t sneeze! A lovely time was had πŸ™‚
  3. Giving. On way back from Walton I stopped at another friends house to pass on some baby things, a birthday card and some chocolate (Yorkie does man size chocolate buttons don’t you know?!) Giving is good!
  4. Family lunch. Kids and I had lunch with my folks, my sister in law and my niece and new nephew! Delicious food, good company and squishes with a very very cute newborn! I’m not broody, I’m not broody, I’m not broody!
  5. Skirt is almost done! Was able to use scraps from the other skirt I made for pockets – it was the perfect colour to match the blue flowers! Just need to sort the hem at the bottom, then wait a few months for some sunshine!!
    Elastic waistband
    Elastic waistband.


Snip Snippety Snip!

My fi-diddly-ive!

  1. Snippet of children’s TV. Millie and Xander were watching some television this morning and I over heard a snippet of one of the programs. A girl was upset about having lost her hat and the boy was saying that it didn’t matter as it was just a hat and could be replaced and it was ok because she could enjoy and be excited by the adventure of trying to find her hat! I liked the little snippet I overheard.
  2. Tees. The children were playing outside in the sunshine, in t-shirts! Millie complains of cold as soon as it gets anywhere near single figure degrees centigrade so it must be warming up! Was lovely to see them playing together, they made a treasure map using chalk on the slabs and pegs as the treasure! Then had a go at skipping together πŸ™‚DSC_6569 DSC_6567 DSC_6571
  3. Managed to make a start on my skirt today! Only got as far as cutting the fabric before Violet woke but that’s progress!! Maybe do a bit more this evening πŸ™‚Β IMG_7689
  4. Yellow. I love the colour yellow, it’s so cheery! The daffodils in the garden have popped up and they really brighten up the garden! Spotted these funky spiky ones in amongst the normal daffodils!Β daffodils
  5. Lidl treat. Popped to Lidl this afternoon to pick up some of their ice creams! My husband is a fan of this particular chocolate ice cream (with crunchy bits!) and I thought it would be a nice treat for us all, they do mini ice creams too so the children can have a bit without filling themselves too much! Even Violet struck gold when she found a bit of chocolate on the floor that had fallen off Daddy’s! Oops!

Ooooh! Look what the postie bought me!

  1. …Fabric! For skirt number two! I love it! Can’t wait to get started on it though not sure if I’ll get chance this side of Easter but we’ll see!fabricIsn’t it gorgeous?! Thank you to Stitch FabricsΒ for their super quick delivery!
  2. Another delivery! A friend popped in unexpectedly this morning with a box of six homemade carrot muffins with ‘Happy Easter’ written on top, such a lovely thing she is! And they’re delicious!Β Yum
    Don't think they'll last long!
    Don’t think they’ll last long!


  3. Baby led weaning. We’re doing baby led weaning with our third child, Violet. It’s the first time we’ve done it but it seems to be going very well! Does seem to make a lot of sense to wait until they can actually put things in their mouths themselves! Today we tried a new food – toast pizzas – and they went down a treat!
  4. Mum & Dad’s for tea! My brother and his family went too so that meant cuddles with a newborn and watching my five year old son and my nearly four year old niece run around like loons! Scrummy dinner, thanks Mum!
  5. Ten years! Last but not least, my husband and I have been together for ten years today! I think thats pretty amazing πŸ™‚ We met in a pub where I was working as a barmaid and he’d come to show his friends his beloved VW Beetle, that’s my first memory of him! But it was another four months before we got it together, and now here we are, three children, a house and few cars later! We’re very lucky, love you Mr. xx