Friendships new and old :)

Today’s five things:

  1. A very very lovely morning with Jodi! Felt like it had been a while since out last catch up so really enjoyed this morning’s cup of tea and cake! Violet & Sylvie are starting to really take notice of each other, Violet was loving Sylvie – she kept trying to grab her face! They were talking and grinning at each other, it was so cute to watch! We were thinking back to when we first became friends, almost four years ago, thanks to facebook and cola cake! I hope our girls grow to be as good a friends as we are ❤DSC_6604
  2. Summer hat. First day back at school after Easter break and we didn’t need to equip ourselves for arctic weather before doing school run for a change! Violet even wore her summer hat! Lets hope this is the real start of the warmer weather!IMG_7734
  3. Helping hand. My mother-in-law called me today to ask if I could pick up my nephew from school as his mum was stuck at college. Good deed done 🙂
  4. Reading. I love hearing Millie read! She chooses to get her books out and I think that it’s fab!IMG_7741
  5. Sewing project! Started a sewing project tonight! It’s a gift so won’t share until it’s given 🙂 Not done any embroidery for years and years, I used to do it when I visited my Gran, happy memories.. even managed some french knots!


Purple rice and other treats!

    1. 28 minutes.. I ran for today – the start of week 8 of the Couch to 5k program!
    2. Millie. She swam her first length today when my husband took them swimming! She has progressed so well since starting lessons and is now a fairly confident swimmer, very proud! During lessons they only swim widths so she was eager to try and do a length in one go!She made me these paper hearts today from a crafty magazine she had. She’s a little gem 🙂

(She’s just said to her Daddy that he’s got to back to work tomorrow and that she doesn’t want him to.. Aw!)

  1. Purple rice. My mum brought round some purple rice pudding today, delicious! And apparently quite good for you!purple rice
  2. Books. I went to an Usborne book party a couple of weeks ago and got the kids a book each, they arrived today and they’ve all gone down well. Violet loves her book and even ended up under the sofa trying to retrieve it!! I do hope they grow up to love reading as much as I do, I think it’s so important to encourage in this world of electronic gadgets!
  3. Treats. Since we cut back on chocolate and other sweet treats, when we do have them, they really do feel like a treat! Off to have a bit of this 😀

I can see the sea!

Today’s positives…
1. Our beautiful country. Drove through some stunning scenery on our way to Wales, the mountains still covered in snow. Been a while since we did a log car journey with Violet, she hasn’t been a massive fan of the car but she was much more settled today 🙂



2. Sunshine. The journey was made much more pleasant by the presence of the sun warming the car and lifting spirits! A good start to our break! I hope we see more of it during this week!

3. I can see the sea. We can see it from the cottage we’re staying in, stunning! It’s so peaceful.


4. Clapping! Violet has been clapping today, it’s not the first time she’s clapped but is the first time she’s done it and been able to make a sound!

5. Reading and crochet. Not picked up my kindle for a few weeks but today I did and read a few pages of You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s cheap). Interesting stuff and makes a lot of sense. In this chapter the author writes about the link between debt and depression. Also enjoyed a spot of crochet. If only my multi tasking skills were such that I could do both at the same time!