Have seven!

Been a been slack in posting my five things recently! Apologies! Violet hasn’t been settling to well in the evening so been tricky for me to get chance to sit and type! HEre are a few positives for the last few days!

  1. Babysitting. I did a spot of baby sitting for Jodi on Saturday night! They had been to a wedding! It’s a long day for little ones so I sat with the two little boys so they could stay for the evenings celebrations! I took Violet with me who fell asleep and settled on the sofa to my left, then Albie came and fell asleep on the sofa to my right (after drawing a lovely picture of Sylvie and Violet!), I was wedged!
  2. ‘I love you Mummy’. I took Xander with me to Morrisons yesterday to get foody stuff, he fancied some Shreddies so they got popped in the trolley! As we got out of the car he randomly said ‘I love you Mummy!’ 🙂
  3. Assignment done! Webby had an assignment due in today but hadn’t had time to do any of it until this weekend so he got stuck in and managed to get it done over Saturday and Sunday! I proof read it last night and was impressed! He has so much knowledge! 🙂
  4. Great Aunt. My Great Aunt visited this weekend to meet Violet, there was a bit of a family gathering at my folks’ house on Saturday which was lovely!  We went back yesterday and I actually remembered my camera so managed to take some snaps! (I photographed my friend’s sister’s wedding earlier this year and left the house without my camera, had to go back and get it after dropping Violet off at my Mum and Dad’s!!)DSC_6908
  5. She’s back! Millie’s teacher has been away for a few months and they’ve had a supply teacher instead. Millie’s really missed her as she’s a really lovely lady and today she returned, Millie was so excited!
  6. Dubster. Violet aka Dubster (Her initials are VW – Volkswagen aka V-dubs – Dubster!) She had her 9 month development check on Friday, everything all ok, Health Visitor seemed quite taken with her! She’s coming on leaps and bounds so quickly, it’s amazing and scary and going far too fast! The last couple of nights she hasn’t wanted feeding to sleep, but has lay in bed next to me and just drifted off, I could just lie there and watch her!
  7. Crochet. Off to have a muffin and do some crochet! 😀

Lots of vdubs were seen today!

  1. Webby cuddle. Skin playing up again today. Got a doctors appointment next week, can’t remember if I’ve mentioned. Sometimes it gets me quite down and today I had a little weep. But then Webby gave me a cuddle and made me feel much better. Lucky to have him 🙂

  2. VW show.. At Stanford hall, Lutterworth. Been a few years since we went to a Vdub show! It’s grown a lot since last time we were there! Started off cloudy but sun broke through turning the sky a gorgeous shade of blue and making the cars shine! Kids loved it and have now decided they want a camper van!

    Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple Lots of vdubs were seen today! :: keep it simple

  3. Family. We met up with some of the Webb family at the VW show! Including one who is visiting from Australia so that was great! Been a while since we’d seen some of the others so turned out to be a lovely day 🙂
  4. Food diary. Been meaning to start a food diary but has been one of those things that keeps slipping my mind but since it’s been sore today I’ve just started one. Probably encourage me to be a bit healthier too! Must try and keep it up!
  5. Nose in a book. Just been up to say goodnight to Millie and Xander and Millie has got her nose stuck in a new book! It’s House of Secrets by Chris Columbus (Goonies!) and Millie seems to be really enjoying it! Think I’ll read it when she’s done!

Odd socks and a fat lip!

My positives today..

  1. Dead wasp. My poor Xander pants got stung by a wasp this morning, on his leg, whilst upstairs getting dressed for school. The positive is that he didn’t have a bad reaction and I got to kill the bugger. I kept him home for a bit to make sure he wasn’t going to swell up huge amounts, soothed it some Germolene and an ice pack, but he was fine so able to go into school a little late. I think he thought it was almost worth it to get half an hour of TV! 
  2. New phone. Arrived today! Very much the same as my old phone, but bit faster and better camera, and cheaper contract! Great!
  3. Small feet. Ordered some socks for Millie and they arrived today only they were too big!! She has dinky feet, like me! Turns out they’re perfect for my tootsies so I claimed them as my own! They’re lovely and bright and cheaper than adult ones!
    Fat lips and odd socks :: Mama of Three Mia Blogs 
  4. Breastfeeding. I’m still breastfeeding Violet and loving it so. I’ve been asked if it bothers me now she has teeth but she doesn’t bite (although she did when she had her first one, but not for long!) and  I can’t feel them when she’s feeding so no, not at all!Lashes
  5. Waxed! This evening a couple of friends and I went to another friend Sarah‘s house for some of her beauty treatments! I went first and had my eyebrows waxed! The first time I’ve ever had any waxing done and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be! So I thought what the hell, do my top lip too! Unfortunately I have a sensitive top lip it seems, which has swelled a bit, I look like I went for botox! Haha! Very pleased though, much easier than plucking so shall be going back! One friend I took along had her nails done (next on my list), and another a facial (also on my list!)! I think they’ll be back too! Thank you Sarah! x

Picnics, Nintendos & Pampering!

My five positive things today..

  1. Made a start. This morning we made a start on clearing the room that will be the girls’ room! The walls have been stripped, holes filled, but now we need to wallpaper and paint. We haven’t got round to doing any since last year for one reason or another so felt good to get going again!

  2. Just sitting. The sun was out today and shining on our back garden this morning so I went and sat out there in the peace and quiet, listening to the birds chirping away! Got my camera out and took a few snaps round the garden, then Millie joined me!
    These little white flowers are popping up in the grass!
    These little white flowers are popping up in the grass!
    Remains of the photos we sorted through!
    Remains of the photos we sorted through!
    Remains of the photos we sorted through!
    Remains of the photos we sorted through!
    Plant poking through the decking border.
    Plant poking through the decking border.
    My beautiful big girl.
    My beautiful big girl.


  3. Found! A few weeks ago Millie thought she’d left a watch she’d been given for Christmas at the swimming baths, I asked yesterday if it had been handed in, which it hadn’t. I was going to ask my friend who’d given it to her where she’d bought it so i could replace it. Anyway, today I put on a jacket I hadn’t worn for a few weeks, and it was in the pocket! Millie was so chuffed to have found it 🙂
  4. Picnic! We were invited across to my friend Jodi‘s house today for a picnic and a walk. We very nearly cancelled as my husband wasn’t feeling very well but instead of doing that, I took the kids across by myself! They were so excited and I thought they’d benefit from the fresh air and company and my husband encouraged us to go, so off we went! We had a lovely walk up the big hill at the back of their house and then enjoyed our picnic in the sun, which included delicious courgette and raisin muffins Jodi made, then the kids went off and played den building whilst we stopped with the babies and chatted! All that followed by a cup of tea and more playing back at their house, made for a wonderful afternoon! Looking forward to next time when Webby can come 🙂

    Jodi's boys :)
    Jodi’s boys 🙂


    Sleepy girls!
    Sleepy girls!


  5. The gift of Nintendo! This evening our friends Sarah and Tim popped across to drop off a Nintendo 64 that Tim has very kindly given Webby  us 😉 Sarah’s just set up her own beauty business Core Beauty (if you’re local to Lichfield go check out her page!) and I’m planning of having something done next week at some point!

Big Chunky Vegetable Soup!

Chunky Vegetable Soup

Made a soup today with the vegetables I’d got lying around in the fridge! Not the prettiest soup but tastes pretty good!!

1 large onion, roughly chopped
glug olive oil
2 carrots, sliced
2 medium potatoes, diced
2 leeks, halved and sliced
handful asparagus, chopped into 2cm pieces
1 celery stick
handful broccoli, chopped into small florets
handful of cauliflower, chopped into small florets
2 cloves garlic, sliced
1 litre chicken or vegetable stock, made with one cube
salt and pepper

Chop all the vegetables. Heat the olive oil in large pan and fry off all the vegetables for 5-10 minutes. Add the stock, simmer for half an hour. I put the lid on for half the time then left it off for the last half. Season. Enjoy!

Snip Snippety Snip!

My fi-diddly-ive!

  1. Snippet of children’s TV. Millie and Xander were watching some television this morning and I over heard a snippet of one of the programs. A girl was upset about having lost her hat and the boy was saying that it didn’t matter as it was just a hat and could be replaced and it was ok because she could enjoy and be excited by the adventure of trying to find her hat! I liked the little snippet I overheard.
  2. Tees. The children were playing outside in the sunshine, in t-shirts! Millie complains of cold as soon as it gets anywhere near single figure degrees centigrade so it must be warming up! Was lovely to see them playing together, they made a treasure map using chalk on the slabs and pegs as the treasure! Then had a go at skipping together 🙂DSC_6569 DSC_6567 DSC_6571
  3. Managed to make a start on my skirt today! Only got as far as cutting the fabric before Violet woke but that’s progress!! Maybe do a bit more this evening 🙂 IMG_7689
  4. Yellow. I love the colour yellow, it’s so cheery! The daffodils in the garden have popped up and they really brighten up the garden! Spotted these funky spiky ones in amongst the normal daffodils! daffodils
  5. Lidl treat. Popped to Lidl this afternoon to pick up some of their ice creams! My husband is a fan of this particular chocolate ice cream (with crunchy bits!) and I thought it would be a nice treat for us all, they do mini ice creams too so the children can have a bit without filling themselves too much! Even Violet struck gold when she found a bit of chocolate on the floor that had fallen off Daddy’s! Oops!