Three Violet Buttons

Hello! Sorry, again, for the lack of daily blogs, been busy crocheting the blanket order which is all done now so will try get back into blogging! A lovely school Mum told me she missed my blogs today so thats spurred me to start up again!

Here’s my five positives for today!

  1. Sunshine. Had a bit of sunshine this afternoon so Violet and I sat on the grass outside for a bit, she was giggling at me throwing a plastic ball up and down, I was giving her the ball to have a play but she kept giving it back to me so I’d throw it again!
  2. Plants revived! Over the weekend my husband moved some seedlings from the unfinished patch at the back of he garden into one of the borders. They were a bit droopy from being moved and we weren’t sure they’d survive but they are starting to look up!
  3. Waiting for Daddy. Millie was sat outside the front waiting for Webby to come home tonight. She always asks what time Daddy’s coming home, its lovely! I think she was excited to show him her new school bag!
  4. Percy Pigs and Colin Caterpillars. My husband came back home from work with two bags of sweets for me from Marks & Spencer, I love little gifts like that!
  5. Three Violet Buttons. Finally I’ve opened up my shop on Folksy! Have spent a fair bit of time working on a banner for it today, and listing a few items. I’ve got a couple of pars of booties in my head I want to make, need to build up my stock!three violet buttons

Morning squidges and thoughtfulness!

Five things..

  1. Morning squidges. Xander loves giving Violet cuddles, sometimes too much and Violet gets mad!! But this morning I got this photo with her actually looking pleased to be squidged by Xander!
  2. School runs! On this morning’s school run a friend commented on how my skin looked good today ๐Ÿ™‚ And on this afternoons another friend gave me a recipe for some gluten free muffins after noticing that I’d mentioned that my Dad was gluten free on here a couple of weeks ago, how thoughtful ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. More muffins. Been bakingย againย today! Off to a friends in morning so have made some blueberry, raspberry and almond muffins to take. If they go down well I’ll blog them tomorrow!
  4. Smear. Went for my smear test today. I know how easy it is to put it off, I did for a few years before I finally made the appointment for my first one three years ago. So this time I just had to wait until Violet was at least six months old so pregnancy/labour/recovery didn’t interfere with results. Since I knew what to expect I didn’t feel the need to put it off, it’s really not too bad ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Blog mention! I got a mention today on Nicsknots’ blog! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not only this but she made this fabulous crochet hook roll with fabric from Friday’s Folksy Friday!! Brilliant!
  6. Extra! Doing an extra positive today as a good friend had her 20 week scan today and all is hunky dory! Hehe!

Kisses and a lazy day

I didn’t do a five things thing yesterday, ran out of time as we had a busy afternoon, got back to do dinner then watchedย Life of Pi (beautiful film!) We were at my in laws yesterday, the weather was so up and down, switching between sun, rain and hail! Kids had a good play as two of their cousins were there and Auntie V and Uncle N brought treats for them in the form of lego mini figures and a soft camper van toy for Violet! And they got a little treat from Grandy too. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

So on to my five for today…

  1. Ran. I went for a run this morning. Was a rubbish run and I struggled – felt a bit sick after about 20 minutes, got a bit of stitch, asthma played up a bit, I didn’t manage the full 30 minutes.. But I still went, and that’s what counts!!
  2. Lazy Sunday. After running we had a really lazy Sunday! My folks came round for their weekly cuppa, Mum brought purple rice, love it! I made soup,ย baked,ย Millie did some crafting, Xander built the Lego he bought himself yesterday, Violet has been playing and saying ‘uh oh’ a lot! Webby took Xander to see Super Nan. Just been a lovely relaxed day!
  3. Kisses. Violet is giving so many kisses at the moment! You only have to say ‘kisses’ and go ‘mmmm’ while pouting and she comes for a kiss, so very cute!! Even made Millie just want to munch her!!

  4. 500. I’ve had 500 likes on my blog according to the notification I got earlier! Wow! Thank you to those who take time to read my blog ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Tea time. Didn’t have to cook dinner as we hadย posh dogsย (from Marks and Spencers) for tea followed by ice creams! Webby, Millie and Xander watched last night’s Dr. Who while I had a bath with the Vdubster.

    Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends! ๐Ÿ™‚

Everybody needs good neighbours!

Did you read the title to theย Neighbours theme tune?! I did! Here’s todays five!

Everybody needs good neighbours! :: keep it simple

  1. Skin. Skin is much much better today! Got a couple of sore patches but redness has gone down and eyes aren’t so puffy! I’m having a go at cutting out food from the nightshade family – potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, aubergine. paprika and cayenne as I’ve read they can cause flare ups. Also known to make arthritis worse.Worth a try! 
  2. Neighbours. Chap from across the road came to say hello as I was walking up the road. He’s lovely and offered to pass on his local paper (that we haven’t been getting as our drive is set back off road!) Love having friendly people around!
  3. Print. The VW print my friend ordered arrived today, I love how photos look when they’re printed, digital photos don’t look the same on screen, much better when you can hold them! Hopefully she’ll agree ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good book. Millie was in the ‘Good Book’ at school today for some maths work, super star!
  5. Husband. Back home after a night away at work! Always a lovely feeling to have him back home ๐Ÿ™‚

Make me smile muffins!

Five things for today:

  1. Feedback. I went for a Saturday job at local sewing shop and had an interview yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t get offered the position but had some good feedback and the lovely lady from the shop sounded genuinely sorry! I’m a bit gutted as would of been perfect but wasn’t meant to be ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Coffee and chats. A friend I used to work with popped over today, she came a few weeks ago when kids were off school but today we could actually hear each other!
  3. Make me smile muffins. I got a text from Jodi this afternoon asking if I was in, I was, and she turned up 15 minutes later with a tub containing six delicious muffins to cheer me up! Love! I’ve eaten two already – well there were two flavours, I had to try one of each!

    Make me smile muffins :: keep it simple
    I didn’t tell many people about going for the sewing shop job but those I did tell have said some lovely things too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you all xx

  4. Friends. Millie had a friend over to play after school today, they had a lovely time painting pictures, Xander joined in too. Then they sat and ate tea and had ice creams.. happy children!
  5. Early night. Webby is away tonight so am going to try and get some sleep! Violet cutting another tooth I think so didn’t sleep so well last night! Look at her toothy grin!


The floor at Nanny’s is comfy!

  1. Bon Voyage. Our friend who in visiting from France is leaving tomorrow so we spent the morning/early afternoon with her and her girls. Been lovely having them visit, must get our passports sorted so we can visit her! Safe journey home girls! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Super Nan. This afternoon we visited Webby’s Nan, who the kids have lovingly named ‘Super Nan’! Been a while since we’ve seen her, so that was lovely!
  3. Nanny & Grandy’s! After Nan’s we went to Webby’s folks for the rest of the afternoon, the kids have been asking to visit them a lot recently, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen them for one reason or another so was good to catch up! Kids had a great play in the garden with one of their cousins and soaking up the sun!

    IMG_0171 IMG_0169

  4. VW print! Had a request for a print of one of the photographs I took from the VW show yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜€ So chuffed! It’s this one…
    Campervan Love :: keep it simple
  5. Standing. Violet’s been standing for a couple of seconds by herself eek! She’s been playing the ‘I’ll throw things on the floor and you can pick them up’ game a lot today! And saying ‘uh oh’ every time she does! Hehe!

Everybody loves bubbles!

  1. Run! It’s been about two weeks since I went running, thanks to that stinking cold I haven’t been able to go. But as it’s almost gone I donned my barefoot trainers and went out this morning! I’d just got up to 30 minutes and I managed that today though I don’t think I covered as much distance but that may have been the change in terrain. But I ran for 30 minutes nonetheless!

  2. Finished fence! Finished putting the fence panels in the back garden! And Mr Webb tidied it all up so now the garden is looking much much better! Need to get some turf and some shrubs for one of the borders and then we’ll be almost done!


  3. Bubbles. I took the girls with me to Morrisons this afternoon, we now have teabags back in stock, phew! Picked up a couple of Giant Bubble Wands for Millie and Xander. They had fun in the garden with them, Violet likes them too, can’t go wrong with bubbles! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Sleepwalk with me. We jut watched a film called this, it wasn’t very long but it was good!
  5. Sigur Ros. After the film we sat and listened to some Sifur Ros. Well I say sat and listened, we both just woke up! Night!