Millie the dragon!

Today’s five..

  1. No school! Millie and Xander’s school was closed today so an extra day at home! Their cousin came to play this morning while his Mum went to college which they loved!
  2. Painting! Managed to get a coat of paint on the ceiling while Violet napped this afternoon! Think it may need another coat unfortunately, hate painting ceilings! But looking forward to it being done!
  3. Clear chest. Took Millie to the doctors today as was concerned about her persistent cough but her chest sounded clear so it will hopefully just clear itself soon! We popped over to the shop for chocolate treats, and also spotted twin tubs of strawberries on offer for £2! Violet has enjoyed a bowl full already!IMG_1072
  4. Fabric. Just ordered some fabric to make curtains for the girls’ room! I found this site – Curtain Factory Outlet – got some lovely patterns!
  5. Xander the knight. When I went to turn off Millie’s light just now, I found Millie fast asleep on top of her scrapbook that she’s using to write stories in, she’s taken to leaving it open for me to read and comment on! This one was about a knight called Xander and a dragon called Millie!
  6. Passed! Am adding an extra one as my husband passed his first assignment! That’s definitely a positive worth having an extra for 😀


The weekend’s positives!

  1. Happy customers! On Friday I delivered some booties to a customer and she was so excited about them it was lovely! 🙂 Also the lovely lady that the blanket order was for had her baby boy and she shared a photo of him snoozing under it 🙂
  2. Visits. My cousin popped to see us twice over last few days, on her way up to see her friend and when she came back down a couple days later, always enjoy her visits, as do the kids! My friend and her boys came and had a quick cuppa yesterday too, I love how our kids get on so well!
  3. Decorating. We wall papered what will be the girls’ room today! Its a job that we’ve been intending to do for a while but kept putting off but not today! We’ve bought the paint ready to paint it too, that next on the to-do list over next few days! I hopefully will never have to wall paper again!
  4. Gratefulness. A massive huge big thank you to my Mum and Dad who had Millie, Xander and Violet all day while we decorated, especially to Mum who also kept us fed! Appreciated much!

    Had to snap these pretty heart petals that had fallen from the flowers on the table!

  5. Funny faces. Violet is pulling some cracking faces at the moment! Makes everyone laugh, she loves it! She’s learning so much I can’t keep up!

I do love handwritten mail!

Five positives..

  1. Sitting. Last night Millie and Xander were playing out the front so I took Violet and sat with her on the grass, just watching them all. Webby was home a bit earlier than usual and it was just a really lovely chilled evening!
  2. Postcard. I got a postcard from my cousin today just saying get well soon (eyelid infection and feeling run down last week) and that she was looking forward to visiting soon. I love handwritten mail, especially unexpected and so thoughtful 🙂
  3. A thank you.. to a lovely school mum who helped me out unlocking my old iPhone so I can pass it on to a friend now I’ve upgraded! 🙂
  4. Playing. Violet has been so smiley and happy today! She’s starting to sit and play a bit longer by herself the last few days, today it was the pegs that she kept going and playing with and then this evening she was sat by the window giggling at Millie and Xander through the window!
  5. Hooking! Started another crochet order this evening! And finished these dinky booties this morning 🙂

    DSC_6985 DSC_6990

  6. Goodnight!

A bit of positivity!

Hello!! Seem to have accidentally taken a break from blogging, I do apologise! This last week has been half term break for Millie and Xander and it hasn’t been the best break! Xander was getting over his earache, I had an infected eyelid (not pretty!), Millie has had a cold which came with an itchy rash and Webby and Violet still snuffly too! I blame the lack of flaming sunshine!!

So I definitely to be finding positives!!

  1. Leg ache. I woke this morning with achey legs from running yesterday. I’ve not been for about 3 weeks which is long enough to make them ache from doing half an hour! Need to get back into it for my run end of the month!!
  2. Shop! Think I’ve decided on a shop name now! But need to work on a banner before I can open up! I’ve already had some sales from my facebook page though, the booties seem popular and I’ve had a couple of enquiries about blankets!
    Purple booties 3-6 months!
  3. Sunshine! It’s been warm the last couple of days and doesn’t it make a difference!! Felt really good now my eyelid infection has cleared up and my skin is ok for now! The children have been playing outside in the garden and planting over the weekend which has been lovely! 🙂
  4. Today. Went with my Mum and Dad to exchange some tops Mum had very kindly bought me that unfortunately didn’t fit! We had a coffee in Marks and Spencer, I had a cheeky scone with jam & clotted cream (probably double the calories I burnt off by running!!) then I popped to Homebase to use a voucher we’ve had since Christmas and get some wall paper and last bits we need to do the girls’ room! Let the decorating commence!
  5. Hanging basket. Before the school break a friend gave me a hanging basket, just because, so lovely 🙂 I’m determined to not kill it and even managed to water it this morning 🙂

It’s all in the name!

Feels like its been ages since I did a five things post, been busy crocheting! But not crocheting this evening as I’m so sleepy I’d probably fall asleep and take my eye out with the hook! So here’s a five things post to catch up a bit! This is my 100th post!!

  1. Sunshine! We’ve actually had some, warm (ish) sunshine! And it’s even Bank Holiday weekend! The rain is sure to show it’s face tomorrow in true traditional fashion but we shall be hitting the Bower nonetheless since the kids want to go and seemed to enjoy it last year! Back to today, it’s been a seeing family kinda day! Lots of playing outside with cousins, cake eating and tea drinking at my in-laws then to my folks for dinner and more playing outside with my brother and his family. We’ve come home with plants for the garden from my brother and Mum! Thanks!
  2. Earache be gone. Xander came out of school with earache on Friday which seemed a bit infected so I took him up to the minor injuries at local hospital last night and the nurse gave him antibiotics. I’m glad to say it seems much better today and isn’t causing him much pain although he’s still a bit deaf!
  3. Talking. Webby and I had a good chat last night about how I should stop worrying about my skin and what other people think about how it looks when its playing up. When its bad I withdraw a lot and try to hide it, especially when it’s on my face, I worry to much about people thinking I look awful!He talked some sense into me and so I’m trying to worry much less about it, as he pointed out, the fact I worry about that probably doesn’t help! He’s a gem ❤
  4. Haka! Webby learnt the Haka whilst on a course couple of weeks ago, and while he was on another course last week he was teaching it to some of the people he was on it with! So today he’s been teaching the kids and they loved it!! Millie has got all the moves but wants to learn the words too, Xander has got the face down to a T!
  5. Crochet. As I’ve mentioned I’ve picked up crocheting again! I decided to make a few bits to have in a ‘for sale‘ folder on my Facebook page! I’ve had orders for three pairs of booties and people enquiring about blankets and the VW print too 🙂 Considering opening an online shop, but need a name… the only one that’s popped into my head so far is ‘Yarn Over, Click’.. ‘yarn over’ being a crochet term and ‘click’ for the click of pressing button on a camera!
    9-12 months booties.
    newborn blue booties.
    newborn raspberry snuggle and booties set.

    rainbow snuggle.

Midges in my eye!

Five things

1. Squirrels. We were sat eating breakfast this morning, the children and I, and Millie says “What is a squirrel?” I shrug my shoulders and she replies “Nuts!” She’d just made that up, funny!

2. New friends. Went for a cup of tea at a school Mum’s house this morning, I’ve known her a while but it’s the first time we’d had a meet up outside of school/toddler group! Another school mum friend came too, was reply nice!

3. Walking. Have walked a lot today as Webby took the car to work and it felt good! If I’d had the car I’d of jumped in it for this morning’s cups of tea, when actually it didn’t take that long to walk and it’s good exercise, especially wearing Violet!

4. Yet more baking! Baked a batch of chocolate and coconut muffins this afternoon as requested by my husband!! They’ve turned out very well I think! Shall blog them tomorrow!


5. Evening run. Was dreading running today, just really wasn’t in the mood! Almost talked myself out of it with the walking I’d done but after tea I didn’t feel so against it so I did go! Kept getting midges in my eye though, slightly irritating, but I didn’t stop! Need to get back into the swing if it as been a bit slack recently, tut!

Morning squidges and thoughtfulness!

Five things..

  1. Morning squidges. Xander loves giving Violet cuddles, sometimes too much and Violet gets mad!! But this morning I got this photo with her actually looking pleased to be squidged by Xander!
  2. School runs! On this morning’s school run a friend commented on how my skin looked good today 🙂 And on this afternoons another friend gave me a recipe for some gluten free muffins after noticing that I’d mentioned that my Dad was gluten free on here a couple of weeks ago, how thoughtful 🙂
  3. More muffins. Been baking again today! Off to a friends in morning so have made some blueberry, raspberry and almond muffins to take. If they go down well I’ll blog them tomorrow!
  4. Smear. Went for my smear test today. I know how easy it is to put it off, I did for a few years before I finally made the appointment for my first one three years ago. So this time I just had to wait until Violet was at least six months old so pregnancy/labour/recovery didn’t interfere with results. Since I knew what to expect I didn’t feel the need to put it off, it’s really not too bad 🙂
  5. Blog mention! I got a mention today on Nicsknots’ blog! Thank you! 🙂 Not only this but she made this fabulous crochet hook roll with fabric from Friday’s Folksy Friday!! Brilliant!
  6. Extra! Doing an extra positive today as a good friend had her 20 week scan today and all is hunky dory! Hehe!

Kisses and a lazy day

I didn’t do a five things thing yesterday, ran out of time as we had a busy afternoon, got back to do dinner then watched Life of Pi (beautiful film!) We were at my in laws yesterday, the weather was so up and down, switching between sun, rain and hail! Kids had a good play as two of their cousins were there and Auntie V and Uncle N brought treats for them in the form of lego mini figures and a soft camper van toy for Violet! And they got a little treat from Grandy too. Thank you 🙂

So on to my five for today…

  1. Ran. I went for a run this morning. Was a rubbish run and I struggled – felt a bit sick after about 20 minutes, got a bit of stitch, asthma played up a bit, I didn’t manage the full 30 minutes.. But I still went, and that’s what counts!!
  2. Lazy Sunday. After running we had a really lazy Sunday! My folks came round for their weekly cuppa, Mum brought purple rice, love it! I made soup, baked, Millie did some crafting, Xander built the Lego he bought himself yesterday, Violet has been playing and saying ‘uh oh’ a lot! Webby took Xander to see Super Nan. Just been a lovely relaxed day!
  3. Kisses. Violet is giving so many kisses at the moment! You only have to say ‘kisses’ and go ‘mmmm’ while pouting and she comes for a kiss, so very cute!! Even made Millie just want to munch her!!

  4. 500. I’ve had 500 likes on my blog according to the notification I got earlier! Wow! Thank you to those who take time to read my blog 🙂
  5. Tea time. Didn’t have to cook dinner as we had posh dogs (from Marks and Spencers) for tea followed by ice creams! Webby, Millie and Xander watched last night’s Dr. Who while I had a bath with the Vdubster.

    Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends! 🙂

Everybody needs good neighbours!

Did you read the title to the Neighbours theme tune?! I did! Here’s todays five!

Everybody needs good neighbours! :: keep it simple

  1. Skin. Skin is much much better today! Got a couple of sore patches but redness has gone down and eyes aren’t so puffy! I’m having a go at cutting out food from the nightshade family – potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, aubergine. paprika and cayenne as I’ve read they can cause flare ups. Also known to make arthritis worse.Worth a try! 
  2. Neighbours. Chap from across the road came to say hello as I was walking up the road. He’s lovely and offered to pass on his local paper (that we haven’t been getting as our drive is set back off road!) Love having friendly people around!
  3. Print. The VW print my friend ordered arrived today, I love how photos look when they’re printed, digital photos don’t look the same on screen, much better when you can hold them! Hopefully she’ll agree 🙂

  4. Good book. Millie was in the ‘Good Book’ at school today for some maths work, super star!
  5. Husband. Back home after a night away at work! Always a lovely feeling to have him back home 🙂

Fluff and stuff!

Five things:

  1. Cups of tea. Had school mum friends here for a cuppa this morning as was feeling ok-ish! Lovely to catch up, even if I couldn’t taste my sweet treats! Hate that!

  2. Brownies and fluff. Made delicious (I think) brownies from three ingredients! A successful Pinterest attempt! Whilst in Morrisons getting ingredients I spotted this stuff..

    Fluff! :: keep it simple
    Marshmallow fluff!! Great between two rich tea of digestive biscuits with a layer of Nutella too! So bad, but so good!

  3. Easy afternoon. I was shattered this afternoon (it’s like being in the early stages of pregnancy again!!) after having company this morning, so had a very lazy afternoon. After I’d collected Millie and Xander from school I fell asleep on the sofa again!
  4. Proper music. Millie and Xander are engrossed in watching Michael Jackson YouTube videos with Webby! Teaching them about proper music, not of this Bieber rubbish!
  5. New skill. Violet has learnt today, to get to sitting position from crawling! Had her appointment through for her 9-12 month developmental check today, already?!