Kisses, bugs & daisies.

  1. A kiss on the cheek. My husband came and gave me a kiss on the cheek this morning, just because 🙂 Love those kind.
  2. First swim! Webby took Violet swimming for the first time today! She was enjoying it to begin with before she got splashed by a very excited Xander! I need to get a costume sorted so I can join them in the pool next time!
  3. Bugs & daisies. As we were leaving the house this afternoon we saw a butterfly! Then some ladybirds, and then noticed lots of daisies had popped up! Been much milder today with a gusty breeze! The wind is one of my favourite types of weather 🙂
  4. Quasimodo boob.. is feeling better! Relieved as was conscious of it turning into mastitis or worse an abscess!
  5. Yet more de-cluttering! It’s amazing that we still have things to part with! Another two bin bags of clothes went to charity today, Millie and Xander joined in too, sorting their own clothes into piles of too smalldon’t wear and keep.

Giggles & chuckles!

I thought it might of been tricky to find five as we have had a lazy day today and not done a lot but actually it’s been easy!

1. Kisses. Violet’s been kissing me lots today. They’re a bit soggy but I don’t care one bit!

2. Giggles. We’ve had some giggles today! This morning we were all sat eating breakfast and Violet did a rather noisy trump! That alone was quite amusing but the fact she looked round as if to say “who did that?!” Or “where did that come from?!” made it more so!

3. Teaching. Gave Millie a crochet lesson today, teaching her single crochet at the moment. Lovely to be able to pass on a skill she’ll hopefully have her whole life!


4. My girls. I don't have a sister but I always wanted one! I think sisters have a different kind of bond to other siblings. We were watching Violet chuckling away at Millie earlier, Millie was crawling round the floor and Violet was really giggling at her! Warms my heart to see. I do hope they're close when they're older!

5. Take time to do nothing. It's important to have some you time, even if its just five minutes. I sat on one of the window seats here early this morning just looking out the window and pondering. The wind was up and doing its best to blow through the gaps in the sash windows, fishermen were coming and going in their little boats, seagulls floating on the breeze, white tips on the waves, and quiet me time. Bliss.