The weekend’s positives!

  1. Happy customers! On Friday I delivered some booties to a customer and she was so excited about them it was lovely! 🙂 Also the lovely lady that the blanket order was for had her baby boy and she shared a photo of him snoozing under it 🙂
  2. Visits. My cousin popped to see us twice over last few days, on her way up to see her friend and when she came back down a couple days later, always enjoy her visits, as do the kids! My friend and her boys came and had a quick cuppa yesterday too, I love how our kids get on so well!
  3. Decorating. We wall papered what will be the girls’ room today! Its a job that we’ve been intending to do for a while but kept putting off but not today! We’ve bought the paint ready to paint it too, that next on the to-do list over next few days! I hopefully will never have to wall paper again!
  4. Gratefulness. A massive huge big thank you to my Mum and Dad who had Millie, Xander and Violet all day while we decorated, especially to Mum who also kept us fed! Appreciated much!

    Had to snap these pretty heart petals that had fallen from the flowers on the table!

  5. Funny faces. Violet is pulling some cracking faces at the moment! Makes everyone laugh, she loves it! She’s learning so much I can’t keep up!

Daisy chains and love.

Five positive things for today..

  1. Cups of tea.. this morning at a friends house! Lovely catch ups with two of my friends who have children at same school as my two, instead of taking cakes or biscuits I took a couple of bunches of tulips 🙂 Love a good old chinwag! Must of tired Violet out!Sleepy V
  2. When I got home there was a little card pushed though the door. It’s nice to know someone is thinking of you!IMG_7762
  3. Soup. Used up a load of vegetables I had in the fridge to make a soup! Less waste is always good!
  4. Daisy chain. As I was standing at school waiting for Millie to come out one of Millie’s friends handed me a daisy chain that she told me she and Millie had made for me, so sweet!Daisy chain love.
  5. Daddy’s coming home! Millie and Xander are very excited that Daddy is back home today (as am I!) after a couple of nights away. It’s wonderful to see how they love him so 🙂

Here’s the bit of sewing from yesterday’s post as promised!

Purple rice and other treats!

    1. 28 minutes.. I ran for today – the start of week 8 of the Couch to 5k program!
    2. Millie. She swam her first length today when my husband took them swimming! She has progressed so well since starting lessons and is now a fairly confident swimmer, very proud! During lessons they only swim widths so she was eager to try and do a length in one go!She made me these paper hearts today from a crafty magazine she had. She’s a little gem 🙂

(She’s just said to her Daddy that he’s got to back to work tomorrow and that she doesn’t want him to.. Aw!)

  1. Purple rice. My mum brought round some purple rice pudding today, delicious! And apparently quite good for you!purple rice
  2. Books. I went to an Usborne book party a couple of weeks ago and got the kids a book each, they arrived today and they’ve all gone down well. Violet loves her book and even ended up under the sofa trying to retrieve it!! I do hope they grow up to love reading as much as I do, I think it’s so important to encourage in this world of electronic gadgets!
  3. Treats. Since we cut back on chocolate and other sweet treats, when we do have them, they really do feel like a treat! Off to have a bit of this 😀


My poor Mr. Mia had to put up with Cakezilla this weekend. I’m no professional cake maker but have made a few cakes for other people, one being a school mum friend who recommended me to a friend of hers who asked me to make two christening cakes. I love baking, and if working with buttercream I don’t get too stressed out, but this time it was the dreaded rolled icing so out came Cakezilla. I get stressed, and snappy and probably a bit of a cow to live with!!! I didn’t know the lady who I was making them for so I was very nervous about getting them right. Also the cakes needed names writing on them, and I can’t really remember if I’ve done that before, so if I have it was a long time ago! I found some videos on YouTube to watch and learned how to make parchment piping bags although in the end I cheated and bought some ready made icing in a tube. And thankfully they turned out ok!! And the lady was really happy with them. Hope they tasted ok!! Mr. Mia tells me they did (he taste tested the bit I cut off the top!!) I can’t taste as I’m gluten free at the moment so I’ll have to take his word for it!!
As soon as I knew she was happy with the cakes I returned to being Mia! Not sure I will take on rolled icing cakes again, although I do get a real sense of achievement when they’re done but my eczema tends to play up when I’m stressed and it’s been a bit sore this week. Also had a dentist appointment which didn’t help! Hopefully it’ll get better now though 🙂