Folksy Friday – Seeds

This weeks theme is seeds!

Seeds linocut by stripedpebble, £14.


Little seeds circles cushion by CecilyMae Handmade, £18.


Turquoise Dandelion Seeds Print Card by Borlotti Prints, £1.50.


Real Dandelion Seeds Glass Globe Necklace – MAKE A WISH by Wishes onthe Wind, £17.


Decorated Gardener’s Tin attractive storage for gardening twine labels seeds by Your Lovely Home, £16.50.


leed seed card by kate broughton, £3.50.


Autumn Collection 8 x 8″ Print by Lola’s Room, £12.00







Folksy Friday – lets have cake!

Was cake decorating yesterday so there is my theme – cake!

Cute mary janes – Kawaii tea and cake shoes by Pop and Moo, £19.70.


White Ceramic Cup Cake Candle Holders by Lauren Ceramics, £15.


Cup Cake Pocket Mirror by Lilyloom, £3.50.


Purple 3 tier Plate Cake stand by In Wonderland Designs, £15.


Delicious cake in a jar by Joyinajarcakes, £3.25.


Cake Topper Rustic Cake Topper Love Birds by Melys Weddings, £7.50.


Yummy Cup Cake Birthday Card! by Love, Lucie, £3.50.







It’s all in the name!

Feels like its been ages since I did a five things post, been busy crocheting! But not crocheting this evening as I’m so sleepy I’d probably fall asleep and take my eye out with the hook! So here’s a five things post to catch up a bit! This is my 100th post!!

  1. Sunshine! We’ve actually had some, warm (ish) sunshine! And it’s even Bank Holiday weekend! The rain is sure to show it’s face tomorrow in true traditional fashion but we shall be hitting the Bower nonetheless since the kids want to go and seemed to enjoy it last year! Back to today, it’s been a seeing family kinda day! Lots of playing outside with cousins, cake eating and tea drinking at my in-laws then to my folks for dinner and more playing outside with my brother and his family. We’ve come home with plants for the garden from my brother and Mum! Thanks!
  2. Earache be gone. Xander came out of school with earache on Friday which seemed a bit infected so I took him up to the minor injuries at local hospital last night and the nurse gave him antibiotics. I’m glad to say it seems much better today and isn’t causing him much pain although he’s still a bit deaf!
  3. Talking. Webby and I had a good chat last night about how I should stop worrying about my skin and what other people think about how it looks when its playing up. When its bad I withdraw a lot and try to hide it, especially when it’s on my face, I worry to much about people thinking I look awful!He talked some sense into me and so I’m trying to worry much less about it, as he pointed out, the fact I worry about that probably doesn’t help! He’s a gem ❤
  4. Haka! Webby learnt the Haka whilst on a course couple of weeks ago, and while he was on another course last week he was teaching it to some of the people he was on it with! So today he’s been teaching the kids and they loved it!! Millie has got all the moves but wants to learn the words too, Xander has got the face down to a T!
  5. Crochet. As I’ve mentioned I’ve picked up crocheting again! I decided to make a few bits to have in a ‘for sale‘ folder on my Facebook page! I’ve had orders for three pairs of booties and people enquiring about blankets and the VW print too 🙂 Considering opening an online shop, but need a name… the only one that’s popped into my head so far is ‘Yarn Over, Click’.. ‘yarn over’ being a crochet term and ‘click’ for the click of pressing button on a camera!
    9-12 months booties.
    newborn blue booties.
    newborn raspberry snuggle and booties set.

    rainbow snuggle.

Folksy Friday – Garden Goodies!

Bee Hotel, Three tier, in Old English Green by Wudwerx, £39.95.


Malaysian Oak Planter Reclaimed by Arte Povera Crafts, £23


French Vintage Country Style Herb box by Vintage French 3R Design, £30


Bird feeder mug handthrown in stoneware–fully weatherproof by Caractacus Pots, £17.99


Swiss Bird House by Gift of Wood, £26.50


Three Tier Scandi Chic Herb Pot and Plant Garden Stand by Elizabeth Greenwich, £50


Garden Dibber in Oak by Works-in-Wood, £4


Last weeks Folksy Friday!






Folksy Friday – Vee-double-you!

After going to a VW show at the weekend choosing today’s theme wasn’t too hard! Enjoy!

VW Cushion by In Stitches Custom Crafts, £12.
‘Split Personality’ VW Camper print by Jimmy Allanson Designs, £25.
VW Split Screen Campervan Greeting Card by Original Art By Clare, £2.
VW camper van torn paper collage by Inky Bird, £50.
iPhone 5 Cover VW Camper in Duck Egg Blue by Modern and Vintage, £12.50.
Fat Quarter Michael Miller – We Come In Peace, VW Camper Van, Aliens by Flying Goose Studio, £2.75.
A4 Favourite Campervan Holiday Print by moonglowart, £13.

Last weeks Folksy Friday!

Late Folksy Friday – Smile for it’s Cameras!

Camera Love 8×8 print by Lola’s room, £12


Retro Camera Postcard by Lil Vintage Makes, £1.20


Camera Shop art print by Beetle Cherry, £18


Tweet Tweet Felt Gadget Sleeve by suezybees, £12.50


Polaroid Camera T-Shirt by Snollygoster Hand Drawn Cards T-Shirts and Gifts, £13


POLAROID Camera Keyring by Cut Copy Create, £4


Smile Camera A6 Notebook by martha and hepsie, £3.50


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I’m very snap happy! Here’s some items that ought to be snapped up from Folksy! 😀

A colourful day!


Five positive things from today:

  1. Cheering up a friend.. with a handmade gift. This is my favourite positive from today 🙂 
  2. Colourful. Today has looked so colourful! It seems spring has sprung. I noticed a few blossom trees, lots of yellows and pinks popping up from luscious green grass! Wore a yellow top today and got a couple of people comment on how lovely it was to see some bright colour! Spotted this feather flitting around in the breeze this morning, not colourful but had a pretty pattern.feather
  3. Violet. Today and the last couple of days her little character is really starting to show! She can be very serious when inspecting new faces, but with those she’s familiar with she’s all smiles and toothy grins. She laughs at a special few people just because she can and is starting to laugh when you do! She’s getting her cheeky grin perfected pretty quick too! She’s a real pleasure 🙂
  4. Goodnight phone call. My husband has just called to say goodnight, he was away last night and tonight with work, boo hoo, but back tomorrow 🙂 He always calls me though, love to hear his voice on the phone! 🙂
  5. Another project done. Finally got round to sorting Violet’s cot bumper – it didn’t have enough ties on it so it was flapping around and looked a mess, so today I used some of the left over fabric from my skirt, cut up some strips and sewed them on, along with three hearts to make it a bit more interesting as it was just plain off white. Looks much better but Violet is asleep now so will take a couple of photos tomorrow!