1. Millie. She’s so lovely. This morning she was really helpful, without being asked, she got her stuff ready, watched Violet while I was in shower, helped tidy, all before school. I love her to bits, she’s amazing 🙂

  2. Visitors. My friend from France visited us today! We had a good catch up and there was leg munching involved!! I’m sure Violet wonders why her chubby legs attract so much attention!! 🙂
  3. Phone call. Had a positive phone call this afternoon! Thats all I’m saying on that matter for the moment!!
  4. Baby wearing. A lady who I follow on Instagram posted a photo of her baby in a wrap today, I commented saying what a lovely colour it was and she replied saying that it was thanks to  myself and Jodi posting pictures of ourselves with our wraps that she gave it a go, how lovely!

  5. Crochet. Going to go get my crochet bag out! Been a little while since I’ve done any, got some ends to weave in which isn’t very appealing so it’s been neglected! But I’ve got the urge again tonight!

Last minute Mum, baby wearing & Hairy Bikers!

  1. School Easter service. I’m not religious but I do love to see the kids singing along at the Easter service! Violet enjoyed it too though she jumped every time the clapping started!!
  2. Google. As usual I’d left the Easter bonnet till last minute and didn’t manage to get out to buy one. So I trusted good old Google to rescue me! Google found me the Good to Know website with a template for an Easter bunny mask! I think Xander makes a very cute Easter bunny don’t you?!Easter bunny mask!Also thank you Google for finding me tips on how to make rock hard sugar soft again! We shall have banana cake!
  3. Thanks Dad. Yesterday Dad was my taxi since our car is stuck in the garage being fixed! Much appreciated!
  4. Babywearing. Love using my wrap to carry Violet, it’s so snuggly and useful to have my hands free, especially on the school run! Its a Girasol Earthy Rainbow from I also have a Rose & Rebellion full buckle carrier, but I tend to use that when I’m out and about in the car. Today it came in extra handy since I needed to post a large item and as I mentioned I don’t have use of the car. So I put the parcel on the pushchair and pushed it to the Post Office whilst wearing Violet! Mission accomplished!
    Ready to go!
    Ready to go!

    So comfy!
  5. Healthy cooking. I used to love a take away but recently I don’t seem to enjoy them. They’re so unhealthy and I just feel rubbish eating them! It can’t do you any favours! I spotted this recipe for sweet ‘n’ sour in the Hairy Bikers dieting book so thought I’d give it a go. It’s so quick and easy and delicious! Tonight I’ve tried it with turkey instead of chicken to make it slightly cheaper. Have tried a couple of other recipes from their dieting book and they’ve been very good! I don’t watch much of their TV shows but my son calls them ‘the funny men’!