Midges in my eye!

Five things

1. Squirrels. We were sat eating breakfast this morning, the children and I, and Millie says “What is a squirrel?” I shrug my shoulders and she replies “Nuts!” She’d just made that up, funny!

2. New friends. Went for a cup of tea at a school Mum’s house this morning, I’ve known her a while but it’s the first time we’d had a meet up outside of school/toddler group! Another school mum friend came too, was reply nice!

3. Walking. Have walked a lot today as Webby took the car to work and it felt good! If I’d had the car I’d of jumped in it for this morning’s cups of tea, when actually it didn’t take that long to walk and it’s good exercise, especially wearing Violet!

4. Yet more baking! Baked a batch of chocolate and coconut muffins this afternoon as requested by my husband!! They’ve turned out very well I think! Shall blog them tomorrow!


5. Evening run. Was dreading running today, just really wasn’t in the mood! Almost talked myself out of it with the walking I’d done but after tea I didn’t feel so against it so I did go! Kept getting midges in my eye though, slightly irritating, but I didn’t stop! Need to get back into the swing if it as been a bit slack recently, tut!

Kisses and a lazy day

I didn’t do a five things thing yesterday, ran out of time as we had a busy afternoon, got back to do dinner then watched Life of Pi (beautiful film!) We were at my in laws yesterday, the weather was so up and down, switching between sun, rain and hail! Kids had a good play as two of their cousins were there and Auntie V and Uncle N brought treats for them in the form of lego mini figures and a soft camper van toy for Violet! And they got a little treat from Grandy too. Thank you 🙂

So on to my five for today…

  1. Ran. I went for a run this morning. Was a rubbish run and I struggled – felt a bit sick after about 20 minutes, got a bit of stitch, asthma played up a bit, I didn’t manage the full 30 minutes.. But I still went, and that’s what counts!!
  2. Lazy Sunday. After running we had a really lazy Sunday! My folks came round for their weekly cuppa, Mum brought purple rice, love it! I made soup, baked, Millie did some crafting, Xander built the Lego he bought himself yesterday, Violet has been playing and saying ‘uh oh’ a lot! Webby took Xander to see Super Nan. Just been a lovely relaxed day!
  3. Kisses. Violet is giving so many kisses at the moment! You only have to say ‘kisses’ and go ‘mmmm’ while pouting and she comes for a kiss, so very cute!! Even made Millie just want to munch her!!

  4. 500. I’ve had 500 likes on my blog according to the notification I got earlier! Wow! Thank you to those who take time to read my blog 🙂
  5. Tea time. Didn’t have to cook dinner as we had posh dogs (from Marks and Spencers) for tea followed by ice creams! Webby, Millie and Xander watched last night’s Dr. Who while I had a bath with the Vdubster.

    Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends! 🙂

Baked beans for tea anyone?

Today’s five.

  1. 30 minutes! Managed a 30 minute run today! This is the final week of the NHS Couch to 5k nine week program for me! The program builds up to 30 minutes of running in which most people can cover 5k. I’m not quite up to that (I blame short legs!!), I did 4.3km so need to up my speed a bit if I want to achieve the distance in that time. But to be honest I’m not too bothered, the fact I can run for 30 minutes solid is something I didn’t think I’d be able to do! And with sore muscles too! I’m quite proud of myself! 🙂

  2. Bug hunt. Xander had some bug hunting to do for homework this week. I have to say I’m not really a fan of primary aged children getting homework but this week was a fun task. He found an ant, woodlouse, slug and a bee and tried really hard with his writing (he had to record what he found on a chart).
  3. Afternoon treat. We popped to town today to pay extortionate prices for Millie and Xander to have new shoes and trainers (beans on toast for tea anyone?) We nipped into Marks and Sparks for a pie and picked up a couple of slices of cheesecake for a treat. I do love a good cheesecake! 🙂
  4. Family film. We all sat and watched Harry Potter after we’d been to town, its not often we all sit and watch something together so was lovely 🙂

    scary bit!
    scary bit!
  5. Turning off. Turning technology off for a bit to watch a film with my fella 🙂 Goodnight! x

Creme Egg & Candy Crush!

Positives from today are…

  1. Creme Egg & Candy Crush. Violet fell asleep on way back from taking Millie and Xander to school, so I sat down, with a Creme Egg and played Candy Crush. Sometimes you just need some ‘me time’ and to do something mindless!

  2. Successful muffins. Made some for Violet with no sugar and they were pretty good, a little dry so maybe add some banana next time, but Violet likes them and I sprinkled over some sugar and had one too!
  3. Remembered! I always forget to use easyfundraising.org.uk when I shop online, missing out on free donations for the school Millie & Xander go to (you click through the site you get a percentage donated to a cause of your choice!). I actually remembered today!
  4. Outside. Lunch at my folks again today, my sister-in-law was there too with her two children. The three older ones all went and played outside, so nice to see them playing out in the sunshine! Violet was watching from inside and was giggling away, then I took her out and she had her first go on a slide, sat on Millie and Xander’s laps!
  5. Ran. Not done a run for a week (the pesky boob, remember?) but it’s all better now so I forced myself to go this evening! I managed the full 28 minutes and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be after having a break! 🙂 Snapped this on my way round the pool!

    Lichfield Cathedral

Red kites near Have-a-biscuit!

Today’s five!

  1. Hwyl fawr Cymru! Goodbye Wales! I love hearing the Welsh language, it takes me back to uni days (I went to uni in North Wales) and hearing my friend speaking Welsh on the phone. Every now and then you’d hear an English word thrown in (usually ‘vodka’! Can’t have done her much harm, she’s currently teaching out in Thailand!) Happy days. I digress. We’ve had a smashing time and can’t wait to go back! We had a giggle in the car over Xander calling Aberystwyth ‘have-a-biscuit’, that was after asking ‘is that Chinese?’ We shall be returning in October! These are a few of the last shots I took yesterday..DSC_6498 DSC_6461DSC_6474This is the hill we climbed yesterday! They’re hard to see but at the top of the hill there’s three crosses, that is where I took yesterday’s photographs from!IMG_7630
  2. On our way home we stopped at Bwlch Nant yr Arian Forest Visitor Centre to see the red kites. We also went for a walk/climb following one of the shorter trails up the mountain. The views from the top were breath taking!DSC_6535
  3. Runner. I guess I can call myself a runner now! I know it’s featured a lot in my five positive things posts but I never thought I’d be someone who took trainers with me on holiday to go running, yet I did and I’m very glad of it! I look forward to running on New Quay’s beach again later this year!
  4. Porridge. I love the stuff! Found myself thinking about a nice bowl of it whilst running this morning (I sometimes go before breakfast). This morning I had blueberries and banana, if we have them I like to put raspberries in as well. Nutella (or cocoa) and banana is tasty too! Cinnamon and banana or cinnamon, apple and raisins is delicious. Or just plain old sugar is just as good! If I’m using fruit I always put it in while porridge is cooking as opposed to stirring in after. What do you have on yours?
  5. Cupboard sorting. Now we’re back we’re eager to carry on de-cluttering, starting with the cupboard in the hall which seems to have become a bit of a dumping ground! So I’m off to flick through cookery and craft books, scanning pages I want to keep and selling,charity or passing them on for someone else to enjoy!

How have you got raspberries up your face?!

Five positives for today..

1. Waking up. Woke up to sun trying to shine through the blinds this morning! Bea

This is the view from our bedroom!

2. Run! Have had a week off running due to the weather and the pavements being deadlier than the road (in my head I wrote that to the Space song – Female of the Species!) Today I put my trainers on and off I went. Was a tough one today, a combination of not having run for a week, trying to pick up where I left off, hills and stitch are accountable for that! The two mile run turned out to be a two mile run then a two mile walk back, next time I’ll be making sure the tide is out! But it’s done and that feels good!

20130330-093147.jpg Not bad views running round here!

3. Daffodils and lambs! Signs spring is on it’s way and that we can hopefully turn our backs on the snow and gloom for a while! According to the Independant it’s been the coldest March for half a century! It’s all this global warming eh?


4. At the moment Violet will try and sometimes eat pretty much anything I put in front of her which is more than can be said for my eldest two! I try not to worry about that though, am sure their tastes will broaden as they get older. It’s a pleasure to see Violet munching away! She’s the only one of my children that will eat tomatoes, here she is demolishing some raspberries and getting it all over her face!



In the words of Sir Cliff, “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!”