Folksy Friday – just for the stud of it!

I love studs! I’ve always got various pairs in my ears so today thats my theme! Enjoy!

Silver Button Studs by Ore Struck Jewellery, £32.50


Sterling Silver Skull & Crossbones Stud Earrings,Silver Studs,Skull Studs by Graceful Deviant, £13.50


Silver Wren Studs by Frinn, £20


sterling silver weather forecast ear studs (set of 4 ear studs) by Contemporary Designer Jewellery, £32


Handmade Silver Swallow Ear Studs by Mojosteph, £30


Teeny tiny fine silver star stud earrings by Becky Pearce Designs (aka Red Bird Jewellery), £14.50


Silver Fish Earrings – Tiny Solid Sterling Silver Fish Small Ear Studs by The Silver Tree, £9.99


Last week’s Folksy Friday!






Folksy Friday – Sewing!

I used to sell hand made items on Folksy, a hand made online shop. Every Friday I’d choose seven items to showcase, with a common theme. As I’ve started blogging again I’d thought it would be a nice idea to start again! In light of my recent sewing project I thought sewing could be my theme this week! Enjoy!

Little Bird Skirt by Posy Sews, £10
Spotty Ice Cream Dress by There’s Only One Amy Laws, £45
Baby reversible retro sundress and bloomers by Les Petits Anglais, £18
50’s Floral Dress by Plum and Pigeon, £50
‘Kitty’ vintage fabric clutch purse – Sanderson by Made by Loulabelle, £35
Fairy Embroidery Hoop Picture by Handmade by Joanne…x, £8
winter fairy embroidery PDF by lilipopo at glass mountain, £2.50

The kids got crafty today!

  1. Spring cleaning. Kitchen cupboards and tiles got a clean today! And a bit of rearranging inside the cupboards and a spot of clearing out! 
  2. Nappies on the line. I do love hanging Violet’s cloth nappies on the line! They’re brightening up the garden since the sun isn’t quite doing so!! Love the small of laundry when it’s dried in fresh air ahhhhhh!nappies on the line
  3. Easter bag. I was a bit behind with the family Easter eggs this year as we were in Wales. So instead of getting an egg I got a few bits for each niece or nephew. Only trouble then was something to put them in! So I put my creative thinking cap on and came up with paper pockets! Two pieces of A4, sewn together with the treats inside! Got Millie and Xander to decorate the front of them too!DSC_6548DSC_6546DSC_6550
  4. Better late than never! Definitely a crafty day here, we were waiting in for a delivery (which didn’t turn up till 6pm – long story and definitely doesn’t have a place in my positives!) We didn’t get round to decorating eggs for school competition so we did them today instead! We used my Sharpie pens which worked very well on the eggs!Millie's egg!eggs!
  5. Inspired. A good friend told me today that I’d inspired her to try running! I feel quite proud of that 🙂

A couple of new creations!

Been a bit quiet on here haven’t I?! Sorry! Been a bit lazy and I’m going to use the excuse of baby growing 😉 I have been busy with a couple of craft projects though! The first was a cross stitch.. I’ve made a few cards in this kind of design and thought it would make a cool cross stitch, so I got some graph paper and designed my pattern and away I went! I’m so chuffed with how its turned out!!

I’ve considered selling the chart (£5 for two charts – one coloured, one just the outline, will include list of colours I used) but unsure if there would be enough interest? If you would like it please comment or email 🙂

Next project was a summer baby blanket! My baby is due in August so I picked out some cotton yarn based on the colours in a blanket I saw in Mamas & Papas. I found a zig zag pattern but have made a smaller version (although its turned out a bit smaller than I’d hoped, but will make a nice car seat blanket and then comfort blankie!) I’m loving how it’s looking 🙂

The last photo features a stitch marker/keeper from Pollyorange!

I hope you are all well!


Yesterday I went to the needlework shop to get myself a crochet hook and some knitting needles for my husband (he wants to learn!) They didn’t have any crochet hooks, so I’ve got to wait, but I came out with some knitting needles and a cheap ball of yarn! The lady said if I could knit, I could show him..

It’s got to have been at least 15 years since I held knitting needles, my gran taught me when I was a little, so I was pretty sure I’d forgotten how to do it! I watched a youtube video and picked up the needles and it allllll came back!

So this was my practice bit 🙂 I never did any patterns or anything but I can teach my husband the basics! My daughter wants to have a go too, which my gran would of loved, she can use my old needles that I found in my gran’s tin with a half done scarf! None of my daughter’s grandparents knit so if I could teach her I’d be really chuffed 🙂 Think it’d be a lovely thing for her to learn.

my old needles that must be nearly 20 years old!