Bringing my cast iron pot back to life and other positive things!

Here are my five positive things for today!

  1. Holidays! As I was walking back from school this morning I started to think about today’s five.. My first one is definitely school holidays! No school runs for two weeks! We’re off to Wales tomorrow for a probably freeze-your-exremeties-right-off-cold break but it will be a break none the less! Maybe I should crochet myself some of these *snigger* I could make a matching little something for my husband.. Google ‘crochet willy warmer’ – they exist, I kid you not! Wonder how many more hits I’ll get for mentioning nipples and willies?! Anyway, am looking forward to family times, reading and a spot of crochet.
  2. Organisation. After my organisation fail yesterday with the Easter bonnet, I’m trying to make up for it today! I’ve cooked bolognese, chilli con carne (thank you again Hairy Bikers!) AND chicken cacciatore (I added peppers and some herbs to this recipe) to take away with us so there will be less cooking while we are there! I’ve ironed (a bit, see number 5!), washed, packed and shopped. Oh and dusted. Go me!
  3. Cast iron pot brought back to life.. after I thought I’d killed it with truly burnt on food! I found a tip online that suggested putting some washing detergent (powder) in it with some boiling water and leaving it to soak for an hour or so then scraping away the food. To my delight it worked! Woo hoo!
  4. Raspberry wars! Violet been blowing a whole load of raspberries today, it’s so very cute. We had a raspberry blowing war, she’s almost as good as me 😉
  5. My Mum. My Ma & Pa popped in today and as I’d got the ironing board out Mum took over and did the ironing for me! Thanks Ma 🙂 She also brought round some delicious home made biscuits, I’ll have to see if I can get the recipe!Biscuits!

Made it!

Today has been another day spent at home all day thanks to the snow and cold weather! So this morning I set to work on the skirt I’d seen on Pinterest! I was following this tutorial, but did have a couple of issues.. first, jersey fabric isn’t easy to sew on a machine! The fabric got stuck and I made a hole trying to get it out. Luckily it turned out that I needed to take it up a bit more so it wasn’t a problem in the end. Second, the back of the skirt was way too long because of the way you cut the fabric so wasn’t as straight forward as the tutorial suggests. But it’s done and I’m chuffed with it! I’ve ordered some non stretchy fabric to try a different maxi skirt tutorial so look out for that! Image

Now all we need is some nice weather so I can wear it!!

My five positive things today are:

  1. Making my skirt!
  2. Passing on the five thing thing! My friend Jodi has started her own five thing thing over at I can see the trees! Go see!
  3. Gratitude. My husband cleared our drive of snow today, we have a big drive as four houses share it but sadly he doesn’t get any thanks from our neighbours.. So a big thank you to him, from me, for being star!
  4. Soup & cakes. Since my husband was out in the cold I thought it would be nice to have soup for lunch. Thought I’d attempt winging it and it worked! I used potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas & sweetcorn, garlic and onion granules as I’d run out of onions! I fried off everything except the peas & sweetcorn, then added chicken stock with the peas & sweetcorn and some pepper and simmered until potatoes were cooked. It was lovely! This afternoon I made some courgette, cinnamon & raisin muffins which were also delicious! I had to sub sunflower oil for the butter but they turned out fab!ImageImage
  5. Film night. Do love snuggling and watching a film!