Oh Marks and Spencers, boo hoo!

  1. Xaaaander! Xander was taking about his birthday (July) this morning. Think he just randomly just started talking about Uncle Gareth and how he calls him X-ar-nder instead of X-a-nder which was wrong. Anyway, Xander says he wants to go see Auntie Liezel and Uncle Gareth for his birthday, on the train, and to stay over. Millie said how awesome it would be if we could stay for two whoooole weeks!! 😀

  2. Morning out. Had a lovely impromptu morning out with my Ma today! Decided today would be the day to take back the maternity bras I ordered online from M&S that were too big so called up Mum to see if she fancied coming along. They didn’t have any my size so just had to have a refund. Out of all the designs, there was none in my size, people with small boobs feed their babies too y’know! Tsk. We had a lovely cup of tea and shared a fruit scone, which was more like a plain scone once Violet had eaten (or fed the floor) all the raisins! Violet didn’t come off to badly from the trip though, she’s got a new romper to add to her wardrobe!

    new romper

  3. Not giving up. Violet bit me the other day, whilst feeding, it hurt, there wasn’t any blood but some some loss of skin! It’s a bit sore still when she’s feeding but she hasn’t done it since so appears to be a one off! A couple of people have asked if I’m going to stop feeding now, but I’m not ready to give up just yet! She has only done it a handful of times and I’m not ready to give up just yet, am loving our bond too much to stop just because of that 🙂


  4. Aveeno. I’ve been giving Aveeno moisturising lotion a whirl and while it’s, exclusively, not quite enough for my dry hands and face, it is keeping my feet quite soft!
  5. Long weekend. Get an extra day with Mr. Webb this weekend! He’s had a long week so it’s come at a good time! 🙂

Simple things.

Five positive things.

1. Simple things. We brought a few toys on holiday with us for Violet but today she’s had the most fun sitting in the laundry basket full of clothes, being pulled round by Xander! Also she loves labels so was sat fiddling with the label on her blanket, glad I didn’t just snip it off! Then at lunchtime she got very excited about a crisp packet after getting over being scared of the crinkling noise!!

2. Up the hill. It’s very hilly round here on the coast of mid-Wales, Webby fancied climbing one that was close by, I was a little off put by the steepness of the incline since I was wearing Violet but it seems the running is paying off and I managed it without my inhaler! We were rewarded with fantastic views from the top!



3. Breastfeeding. This is the longest I’ve breastfed any of my children. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and wish I’d persevered at it with Millie and Xander! Today while so were climbing the hill of doom Violet was getting a bit upset so I loosened the wrap and dropped her down to boob level and fed her on the go, wasn’t long before she was snoozing away, snug as a bug!

4. Handwritten post. These days it’s rare to get a handwritten piece of mail aside from birthday cards, and even they are dwindling thanks to text messages and Facebook, though in my case I’ve used them as a means of sending birthday wishes on time as I’m often not on the ball with birthday card sending organisation! But I’m working on that now I’m using Phoenix Cards! Anyway gone off in a tangent… Millie asked if she could get a couple of postcards and beautifully wrote them out and popped them in the post today! The lucky recipients should be receiving them in a couple of days and it will no doubt be the first hand written post they’ve had in a while and put a smile in their face!

5. Sand castles. We all got stuck in building a sand castle on the beach today! It had a bridge and everything! Just think, we’re creating the kids’ holiday memories, I hope they remember them to be as happy as I do!