Almond, vanilla & seed granola!

I was bored of eating porridge everyday so thought I’d give granola a whirl! This is a recipe I’ve adapted to make my own!


2 cups oats (gluten free if needed)
Half cup almonds (chopped or can buy ready chopped/sliced)
Half cup sunflower seeds
2 tsp vanilla
Generous desert spoon sugar (I use coconut sugar, adjust to your taste)
5 generous tbsp coconut oil
Generous tsp cinnamon
Half tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup dates chopped into quarters (optional)

Preheat oven to 160C, fan 140C, gas 3, 325f and line a baking sheet or try with baking paper.

In a mixing bowl add everything apart from the vanilla and coconut oil and mix to combine.

Melt oil and vanilla gently in a small pan then tip into dry ingredients and mix well until everything is evenly coated. 

Tip onto your baking sheet and spread into and even layer. 

Pop in the oven for half an hour until golden brown, check every ten minutes and give it a bit of a shake or move it around with a wooden spoon so it cooks more evenly.

Leave to cool before keeping in an airtight container! 

To serve I mix in a desert spoon of flaxseed, add half a sliced banana and pour over cold oat milk! 


Favourite Smoothie!


 Since I started my new diet just over three weeks ago I’ve been having smoothies for breakfast, trying different combinations of varying levels of pleasantness! This so far is my favourite combo:

Good handful of spinach

One chopped banana (can use frozen – if I have black bananas that kids won’t eat, chop them up and pop in a freezer bag!)

Half cup frozen blueberries

Half large avocado, or one small one

Small handful almonds (other nuts/seeds could be substituted)

Four dates (don’t always put these in)

About a cup of milk, I use oat milk since I’m dairy free

Place in blender in that order and blitz! Sometimes you’ll find a chewy bit of date, I quite like that though! Enjoy!

Scotch pancakes for baby led weaning (and everyone else!)

Scotch pancakes for baby led weaning

These are great for breakfast and can be eaten as a sweet or savoury dish! Violet had hers with raspberries and blueberries while I sprinkled mine with cinnamon sugar!


125g self raising flour
1 egg
150ml milk
unsalted butter or oil for frying

Put the flour in a large bowl, make a well in the middle and break in the egg. Pour in half the milk and whisk from the middle incorporating the flour as you go. Once all flour is mixed in, slowly whisk in the remaining milk.

Heat your frying pan and add a little butter (I use a piece of kitchen towel to smear it round the pan). Depending on how big your pan is you can cook a few drop scones at a time. Use about two tablespoons per pancake, dropping the batter onto hot pan, cooking for a few minutes then flipping and cooking for same time as first side. Munch!

These are freezable, use greaseproof paper between pancakes so they’re easy to get out one at a time. Can be reheated under grill or in microwave.

For the cinnamon sugar I mix one part cinnamon to six parts sugar – I have a little tub and use six tablespoons of granulated brown sugar and a tablespoon of cinnamon. This is great for porridge too, or on buttered toast! Probably lovely sprinkles on cupcakes before you put them in the oven!

scotch pancakes