I quit sugar (almost entirely!)

So I decided to quite sugar! Here’s why..

Although avoiding the foods that came up on my York Test intolerance test, I was still experiencing flare ups every few days, although they weren’t as bad, it was a bit disheartening after following the advice of the nutritionist. I was still convinced that it was food related though. The first few weeks of the diet I’d seen a big improvement, then things seemed to plateau and I wasn’t getting the really clear spells in between the flares, that I had been. The only thing I could think of was that I’d switched to maple syrup as my sugar substitute and was baking more sweet treats than I had been. Also I’d been drinking a lot more coffee than I used to (which I was sweetening).

During my last flare up I decided to go super strict and cut out the sugar substitutes, lower the caffeine, only have one or two pieces of fruit, and up the water. The result was this:

The first photo was the 4th of June during the last flare up, the last photo a couple of days ago, the other two were in-between but I didn’t make a note of the dates!

These are photos of my face when I first started the diet and the first clear skin period since starting, the flares up until the 4th June weren’t as severe as this so cutting the other food was helping, but since quitting sugar, my skin has been like the last photo with no flare ups, I’ve even been able to switch to a thinner moisturiser!

I’m now feeling better than ever, cutting sugar hasn’t only helped my skin but made me feel a lot happier and healthier generally! Surprisingly I haven’t felt like I miss any of the banned foods, apart from the odd time when I can smell chocolate or buttered toast!

I’m still getting a chocolate fix from a hot cocoa – I use oat milk and cacao powder and find now that its sweet enough just as it is! Another good sweet treat is a banana milkshake – frozen banana blended with oat milk (I tried it with a couple of dates and found it too sweet!)

This is me today! (Ps how flippin’ cool is my vest from Truffle Shuffle?!?! Thank you to my gorge chap for getting it for me!)


If you suffer from a skin complaint and have tried the usual triggers – wheat, gluten, dairy etc I’d definitely give the no sugar thing a go!

2 thoughts on “I quit sugar (almost entirely!)

  1. Strangely enough, switching from un/processed cane sugar to maple syrup is not as big a switch as you might think. Cane sugar is predominantly sucrose, a large sugar molecule comprised of smaller fructose and glucose molecules bound together.

    Maple syrup is predominantly… sucrose. That, a few trace minerals, and water.

    Honey, on the other hand, contains mostly unbound fructose and glucose, with a far smaller percentage of sucrose, as well as many other compounds.

    If sucrose is your problem, it may be worth trying a switch to honey. If fructose, glucose and sucrose all contribute, then you’re probably best avoiding them all.

    Nice to see that you found your main trigger.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Ravelry… and was AMAZED to find you have Given Up Sugar too… well, almost! I’ve blogged about it (but you’ll have to have a scroll through to find the original sugar post… about October 2015 I think) and we are still on it and feeling great! Blood sugars are great, my acne rosacea is barely noticeable, I’ve lost over a stone (in 10 weeks) and we eat good meals and are never hungry. It is amazing and I wish I’d discovered this years ago.

    I’m relatively unadventurous crochet-wise, but am improving and love Lucy’s patterns. Basically I’m a quilter and worker with recycled blanket and hand dyed felt. But crochet is mostly on my mind at the moment – I’m a bit addicted!

    Shall be following your blog to see what you get up to and see how your sugarless life progresses – wonder how we will manage Chrsitmas!

    You can catch me (if you’d like to) on http:// textile treasury.blogspot.com

    Best wishes, Lynne.

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