Millie the dragon!

Today’s five..

  1. No school! Millie and Xander’s school was closed today so an extra day at home! Their cousin came to play this morning while his Mum went to college which they loved!
  2. Painting! Managed to get a coat of paint on the ceiling while Violet napped this afternoon! Think it may need another coat unfortunately, hate painting ceilings! But looking forward to it being done!
  3. Clear chest. Took Millie to the doctors today as was concerned about her persistent cough but her chest sounded clear so it will hopefully just clear itself soon! We popped over to the shop for chocolate treats, and also spotted twin tubs of strawberries on offer for £2! Violet has enjoyed a bowl full already!IMG_1072
  4. Fabric. Just ordered some fabric to make curtains for the girls’ room! I found this site – Curtain Factory Outlet – got some lovely patterns!
  5. Xander the knight. When I went to turn off Millie’s light just now, I found Millie fast asleep on top of her scrapbook that she’s using to write stories in, she’s taken to leaving it open for me to read and comment on! This one was about a knight called Xander and a dragon called Millie!
  6. Passed! Am adding an extra one as my husband passed his first assignment! That’s definitely a positive worth having an extra for 😀

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