My five things for today..

1. Walking. Walked to the shops today instead of being lazy and going in the car! This meant putting Violet in push chair where she was playing ‘peek-a-boo’ with her blanket!



2. Facebook page. Launched a page dedicated to my Three Violet Buttons shop, up to 30 likes today and had two orders for booties! Thank you to those who have liked and shared, much appreciated!

3. Happy customers. The lady whom the blanket I’ve been crocheting is for received her blanket and booties and is really pleased with them so I’m really chuffed! I also asked after some booties I’d made in a bigger size to see how they fit and I was told they’re perfect!

4. Bye bye oven. Getting a new oven tomorrow, can’t wait as our current one is one that we got with the house when we moved in so will be nice to have one from new!

5. Sleep. Violet has slept much better the last couple of nights!, not quite so unsettled as she has been!

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