Sudocrem and poo!

five positives..

  1. Yesterday. Had a lovely day yesterday, a friend asked me along to a little playgroup in the morning, I nearly didn’t make it as Violet fell asleep half an hour before we were due to go and I was going to let her sleep but then at 5 minutes before it started she was up as if she knew! Was a nice little group and Violet seemed to enjoy it! Then the afternoon was cups of tea afternoon with two more friends who’d had birthdays at the end of May so I made a cake to go with our cuppas! It was a practice run for a cake I’ve been asked to do for an engagement party in a few weeks and I was chuffed it turned out ok! Yesterday was also my parents’ 32nd wedding anniversary so we were over there for dinner along with my brother and his family and my cousin Nick and his family. Been a while since I caught up with Nick which is ridiculous as we only live a few doors from each other!
  2. The cake! This is the cake I mentioned! I followed this tutorial.cake :: keep it simple cake :: keep it simple cake :: keep it simpleI just used the colours I happened to have in the cupboard but I think they turned out well!
  3. Day trip! This morning we decided to take Millie to use her train pass for the first time. She’s been super excited about having a photo railcard and couldn’t wait to use it! Xander wanted a sleep over at Grandma’s last night so it was just us and the girls. We jumped on a train to Brum, had a look at the next trains leaving there and Milton Keynes seemed a good option. We’d not been there shopping before and there was a Virgin Pendolino heading there. Millie loved it! She’d taken her notebook and a pen and was writing details down on the way, but the notebook was tiny so we treated her to a new one and on the way back she wrote about her journey again, expanding it with shopping details too! She’s growing up so quickly.

  4. BBQ. A couple of our friends popped over and had some good old burgers and sausages this evening. Was a lovely evening of chatting, cake and ice-cream eating and Wii/Xbox playing!
  5. Mess! Yesterday I changed Violet’s nappy then popped upstairs to rinse her nappy, when I came downstairs I was greeted with a Sudocrem covered Violet! She’d managed to get the lid of and had it smeared round her mouth and legs and all over her hand which she’d put down on the rug!! Had to laugh! And be glad she hadn’t made it over to the television!! Then today I was in the kitchen and Webby walked into the living room and shouted me to come over… I’d left Violet’s nappy off to she could get some air on her bottom (she’s a got a bit of nappy rash at the moment) and she’d pooed on the rug and was eating it!! Eek! Don’t think she’d eaten much, not exactly the tastiest stuff is it!! But she had got it over her feet and hands, not to mention squished into the rug! Again, had to chuckle!! Pointless trying to wipe it off so it was into the shower with her!

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