Kisses and a lazy day

I didn’t do a five things thing yesterday, ran out of time as we had a busy afternoon, got back to do dinner then watched Life of Pi (beautiful film!) We were at my in laws yesterday, the weather was so up and down, switching between sun, rain and hail! Kids had a good play as two of their cousins were there and Auntie V and Uncle N brought treats for them in the form of lego mini figures and a soft camper van toy for Violet! And they got a little treat from Grandy too. Thank you 🙂

So on to my five for today…

  1. Ran. I went for a run this morning. Was a rubbish run and I struggled – felt a bit sick after about 20 minutes, got a bit of stitch, asthma played up a bit, I didn’t manage the full 30 minutes.. But I still went, and that’s what counts!!
  2. Lazy Sunday. After running we had a really lazy Sunday! My folks came round for their weekly cuppa, Mum brought purple rice, love it! I made soup, baked, Millie did some crafting, Xander built the Lego he bought himself yesterday, Violet has been playing and saying ‘uh oh’ a lot! Webby took Xander to see Super Nan. Just been a lovely relaxed day!
  3. Kisses. Violet is giving so many kisses at the moment! You only have to say ‘kisses’ and go ‘mmmm’ while pouting and she comes for a kiss, so very cute!! Even made Millie just want to munch her!!

  4. 500. I’ve had 500 likes on my blog according to the notification I got earlier! Wow! Thank you to those who take time to read my blog 🙂
  5. Tea time. Didn’t have to cook dinner as we had posh dogs (from Marks and Spencers) for tea followed by ice creams! Webby, Millie and Xander watched last night’s Dr. Who while I had a bath with the Vdubster.

    Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends! 🙂

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