Everybody needs good neighbours!

Did you read the title to the Neighbours theme tune?! I did! Here’s todays five!

Everybody needs good neighbours! :: keep it simple

  1. Skin. Skin is much much better today! Got a couple of sore patches but redness has gone down and eyes aren’t so puffy! I’m having a go at cutting out food from the nightshade family – potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, aubergine. paprika and cayenne as I’ve read they can cause flare ups. Also known to make arthritis worse.Worth a try! 
  2. Neighbours. Chap from across the road came to say hello as I was walking up the road. He’s lovely and offered to pass on his local paper (that we haven’t been getting as our drive is set back off road!) Love having friendly people around!
  3. Print. The VW print my friend ordered arrived today, I love how photos look when they’re printed, digital photos don’t look the same on screen, much better when you can hold them! Hopefully she’ll agree 🙂

  4. Good book. Millie was in the ‘Good Book’ at school today for some maths work, super star!
  5. Husband. Back home after a night away at work! Always a lovely feeling to have him back home 🙂

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