Make me smile muffins!

Five things for today:

  1. Feedback. I went for a Saturday job at local sewing shop and had an interview yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t get offered the position but had some good feedback and the lovely lady from the shop sounded genuinely sorry! I’m a bit gutted as would of been perfect but wasn’t meant to be 🙂

  2. Coffee and chats. A friend I used to work with popped over today, she came a few weeks ago when kids were off school but today we could actually hear each other!
  3. Make me smile muffins. I got a text from Jodi this afternoon asking if I was in, I was, and she turned up 15 minutes later with a tub containing six delicious muffins to cheer me up! Love! I’ve eaten two already – well there were two flavours, I had to try one of each!

    Make me smile muffins :: keep it simple
    I didn’t tell many people about going for the sewing shop job but those I did tell have said some lovely things too 🙂 Thank you all xx

  4. Friends. Millie had a friend over to play after school today, they had a lovely time painting pictures, Xander joined in too. Then they sat and ate tea and had ice creams.. happy children!
  5. Early night. Webby is away tonight so am going to try and get some sleep! Violet cutting another tooth I think so didn’t sleep so well last night! Look at her toothy grin!


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