Let the sunshine in!

Five positive things today :

1. Let the sunshine in. Been another glorious sunny day! Even bought myself some new sunnies!

2. Scones. While Violet napped this morning, meaning I couldn’t carry on noisy housework, I baked scones! Had to use some wholemeal flour as ran out of white but they’re ok! Nice with butter and rhubarb & ginger jam!

3. Friends. Had something on today that I was a bit nervous about but felt much more at ease after kind words from a few friends (and a hug from one!), and a phone call from Webby πŸ™‚

4. Skirt! Got to wear the skirt I made today! First time I’d worn it out! Had a couple of compliments too! πŸ™‚

5. Family tea. My folks were looking after the kids while I popped to town this afternoon, my sister in law was there too, I met Webby while I was out and when we got back to Mum’s he went and picked up my brother and we all had dinner together! Great food, lovely company πŸ™‚


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