Everybody loves bubbles!

  1. Run! It’s been about two weeks since I went running, thanks to that stinking cold I haven’t been able to go. But as it’s almost gone I donned my barefoot trainers and went out this morning! I’d just got up to 30 minutes and I managed that today though I don’t think I covered as much distance but that may have been the change in terrain. But I ran for 30 minutes nonetheless!

  2. Finished fence! Finished putting the fence panels in the back garden! And Mr Webb tidied it all up so now the garden is looking much much better! Need to get some turf and some shrubs for one of the borders and then we’ll be almost done!


  3. Bubbles. I took the girls with me to Morrisons this afternoon, we now have teabags back in stock, phew! Picked up a couple of Giant Bubble Wands for Millie and Xander. They had fun in the garden with them, Violet likes them too, can’t go wrong with bubbles! 😀

  4. Sleepwalk with me. We jut watched a film called this, it wasn’t very long but it was good!
  5. Sigur Ros. After the film we sat and listened to some Sifur Ros. Well I say sat and listened, we both just woke up! Night!

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