1. Millie. She’s so lovely. This morning she was really helpful, without being asked, she got her stuff ready, watched Violet while I was in shower, helped tidy, all before school. I love her to bits, she’s amazing 🙂

  2. Visitors. My friend from France visited us today! We had a good catch up and there was leg munching involved!! I’m sure Violet wonders why her chubby legs attract so much attention!! 🙂
  3. Phone call. Had a positive phone call this afternoon! Thats all I’m saying on that matter for the moment!!
  4. Baby wearing. A lady who I follow on Instagram posted a photo of her baby in a wrap today, I commented saying what a lovely colour it was and she replied saying that it was thanks to  myself and Jodi posting pictures of ourselves with our wraps that she gave it a go, how lovely!

  5. Crochet. Going to go get my crochet bag out! Been a little while since I’ve done any, got some ends to weave in which isn’t very appealing so it’s been neglected! But I’ve got the urge again tonight!

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