Fluff and stuff!

Five things:

  1. Cups of tea. Had school mum friends here for a cuppa this morning as was feeling ok-ish! Lovely to catch up, even if I couldn’t taste my sweet treats! Hate that!

  2. Brownies and fluff. Made delicious (I think) brownies from three ingredients! A successful Pinterest attempt! Whilst in Morrisons getting ingredients I spotted this stuff..

    Fluff! :: keep it simple
    Marshmallow fluff!! Great between two rich tea of digestive biscuits with a layer of Nutella too! So bad, but so good!

  3. Easy afternoon. I was shattered this afternoon (it’s like being in the early stages of pregnancy again!!) after having company this morning, so had a very lazy afternoon. After I’d collected Millie and Xander from school I fell asleep on the sofa again!
  4. Proper music. Millie and Xander are engrossed in watching Michael Jackson YouTube videos with Webby! Teaching them about proper music, not of this Bieber rubbish!
  5. New skill. Violet has learnt today, to get to sitting position from crawling! Had her appointment through for her 9-12 month developmental check today, already?!

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