Play, sleep, eat, cuddle!

My five for today:

  1. Feeling a bit better. Not much, but a bit, think my skin is a little calmer too. 
  2. Playing. Kids have  played lots today 🙂 Xander played for ages with lego in his room this morning. He and Millie have been out on their bikes with Webby, had a bit of time on the DS. Violet found the train set box and sat playing with some of the pieces contentedly 🙂IMG_0069 IMG_0067IMG_0070
  3. Afternoon nap! Fell asleep on the sofa for half an hours much needed kip! Still feeling tired, this cold/virus is an energy zapper! Feeling better though 🙂
  4. Burgers. Had yummy burgers and homemade chips for tea! Great comfort food!Here’s a tip I found on Pinterest for getting rid if fat: put a piece if foil over a bowl and push it down in the middle, pour in the oil and leave to cool/set. Screw up the top and throw away!


  5. Hugs. I love s good hug! Millie’s given me a couple of random ones today 🙂 Violet had a lovely daddy cuddle after tea..IMG_0072

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