Odd socks and a fat lip!

My positives today..

  1. Dead wasp. My poor Xander pants got stung by a wasp this morning, on his leg, whilst upstairs getting dressed for school. The positive is that he didn’t have a bad reaction and I got to kill the bugger. I kept him home for a bit to make sure he wasn’t going to swell up huge amounts, soothed it some Germolene and an ice pack, but he was fine so able to go into school a little late. I think he thought it was almost worth it to get half an hour of TV! 
  2. New phone. Arrived today! Very much the same as my old phone, but bit faster and better camera, and cheaper contract! Great!
  3. Small feet. Ordered some socks for Millie and they arrived today only they were too big!! She has dinky feet, like me! Turns out they’re perfect for my tootsies so I claimed them as my own! They’re lovely and bright and cheaper than adult ones!
    Fat lips and odd socks :: Mama of Three Mia Blogs 
  4. Breastfeeding. I’m still breastfeeding Violet and loving it so. I’ve been asked if it bothers me now she has teeth but she doesn’t bite (although she did when she had her first one, but not for long!) and  I can’t feel them when she’s feeding so no, not at all!Lashes
  5. Waxed! This evening a couple of friends and I went to another friend Sarah‘s house for some of her beauty treatments! I went first and had my eyebrows waxed! The first time I’ve ever had any waxing done and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be! So I thought what the hell, do my top lip too! Unfortunately I have a sensitive top lip it seems, which has swelled a bit, I look like I went for botox! Haha! Very pleased though, much easier than plucking so shall be going back! One friend I took along had her nails done (next on my list), and another a facial (also on my list!)! I think they’ll be back too! Thank you Sarah! x

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