The lady bird that got away!

Bit late today but here’s my five!

  1. Home early. Webby has had a stinking cold lat few days, today he had a rest day from work and came home a bit early. I know he’s not well but was lovely to have him around!

  2. Lunch & leg dancing. My mum did us lunch today – steak ‘n’ chips! Thanks Mum! After we were having a cup of tea and Violet was playing on the floor, lying on her side. She then pushed the button on her musical toy and stated jigging her leg around in the air! Was so funny to watch!

    Here’s another new trick she’s learnt – uh oh!

  3. Sunshine & garden time. The sun has shone most of the day today so after school the children got to play outside helping Daddy clear a bit more of the back garden, watching him cut the grass, and Violet exploring flowers and a lady bird (it quickly decided it would be safer in the air!)
    IMG_7826 IMG_7830 IMG_7828
  4. New phone. Today I became eligible for a phone upgrade. I decided on the iPhone 4S. I currently have an iPhone 4 that I love but couldn’t justify forking out for the latest iPhone so went for the next one up from mine instead! Also reduced the monthly payment plan i was on!
  5. Cuddles. Little Violet has come down with this nasty cold too so lots of cuddles have been had already! She’s just gone down in her cot but think she’ll be joining me in bed before long. Webby has taken to the sofa so we’ve got room to co-sleep bless him!

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