How to do a poo on holiday!



  1. Forgotten cuppa. I totally forgot about the cups of tea I was supposed to be having this morning! Luckily as I said ‘see you later’ to the other friend going, she reminded of the event and I hadn’t double booked so could still go! Cups of tea ensued, as did cupcake scoffing, and chit chatting! When I nipped to the loo this book was on top and made me chuckle!

    How to Poo on Holiday :: Mama of Three Mia Blogs

  2. Project girls room. As I mentioned in Saturday’s post we made a start on clearing the girls room, well today I finished off clearing it out and gave an unwanted set of drawers to my folks! We always forget to take a ‘before’ shot, so here’s one of the empty room – we’d stripped the wallpaper already, the previous owners painted it half orange!IMG_7817
  3. Cakes! Baked some courgette muffins earlier, feeling a bit blue as my skin playing up today. Seem to have fallen off the homemade-f00d-only-wagon so am trying to get back on again! Anyway, baking cheers me up and they’re quite tasty!
  4. New skills. Violet climbed her first step this morning, all by herself eek! Stair gates will be coming out soon!
  5. Books. Xander got his school books out and sat and read them to himself on the sofa earlier, it was lovely to see him want to get them out! Millie finished the book I got her from the book party I went to and was looking through the catalogue at which one she wanted to get next, she ended up with a list of five and was prepared to pay for them herself! I love that she wanted to spend her pocket money on books! We said to give us some and we’d put the rest in 🙂

When I was trying to get Violet to sleep earlier, she didn’t fall asleep while feeding like she usually does so I gave my phone to play with, she was just lying on our bed chewing it and she went off to sleep! DSC_6704

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