Today I froze a cucumber!

My five positives for today..

  1. Nice comments. Had a lovely comment on one of my posts this morning and during this week have had a few of the school mums saying they’ve been reading my blog, thank you!
  2. Excitement. Millie had swimming lessons at school for first time today, she’s a confident swimmer as she has lessons outside of school but today was the first time with school. She was so excited!! She was walking to school repeating “I can’t wait, I can’t wait!” It was so lovely! I’m certain that had she not of had the lessons outside of school, she’d of been quite nervous, Millie is very shy, but as she said, she couldn’t wait! She came out of school and told me they’d all had to swim front crawl so the teachers could see which group to put them in, and she’d been put in the top group! She was so chuffed, as were we 🙂
  3. Good advice. Violet has cut another tooth today, and can see another that looks like it’s about to poor thing. A friend advised me to freeze some chopped cucumber as they’re good for sore gums so today I’ve done just that! Sharing is caring! 🙂

    top tooth!
    top tooth!
  4. Good friends and happy tears. I made a friend cry today, that’s the second time this week! Luckily both times were happy tears! She’d asked me to write a personal profile and I obviously said the right things! They were of course, just the truth 🙂
  5. Belly ache. This may not sound like a positive, but when the belly ache is a result of going to an ‘Abs Blast’ class it means I’ve worked them well! My friend Emma runs the class and I’ve been meaning to go for weeks! Enjoyed it so think I’ll go again!!
flowers blossoming!
flowers blossoming!

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