Creme Egg & Candy Crush!

Positives from today are…

  1. Creme Egg & Candy Crush. Violet fell asleep on way back from taking Millie and Xander to school, so I sat down, with a Creme Egg and played Candy Crush. Sometimes you just need some ‘me time’ and to do something mindless!

  2. Successful muffins. Made some for Violet with no sugar and they were pretty good, a little dry so maybe add some banana next time, but Violet likes them and I sprinkled over some sugar and had one too!
  3. Remembered! I always forget to use when I shop online, missing out on free donations for the school Millie & Xander go to (you click through the site you get a percentage donated to a cause of your choice!). I actually remembered today!
  4. Outside. Lunch at my folks again today, my sister-in-law was there too with her two children. The three older ones all went and played outside, so nice to see them playing out in the sunshine! Violet was watching from inside and was giggling away, then I took her out and she had her first go on a slide, sat on Millie and Xander’s laps!
  5. Ran. Not done a run for a week (the pesky boob, remember?) but it’s all better now so I forced myself to go this evening! I managed the full 28 minutes and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be after having a break! đŸ™‚ Snapped this on my way round the pool!

    Lichfield Cathedral

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