Daisy chains and love.

Five positive things for today..

  1. Cups of tea.. this morning at a friends house! Lovely catch ups with two of my friends who have children at same school as my two, instead of taking cakes or biscuits I took a couple of bunches of tulips 🙂 Love a good old chinwag! Must of tired Violet out!Sleepy V
  2. When I got home there was a little card pushed though the door. It’s nice to know someone is thinking of you!IMG_7762
  3. Soup. Used up a load of vegetables I had in the fridge to make a soup! Less waste is always good!
  4. Daisy chain. As I was standing at school waiting for Millie to come out one of Millie’s friends handed me a daisy chain that she told me she and Millie had made for me, so sweet!Daisy chain love.
  5. Daddy’s coming home! Millie and Xander are very excited that Daddy is back home today (as am I!) after a couple of nights away. It’s wonderful to see how they love him so 🙂

Here’s the bit of sewing from yesterday’s post as promised!

2 thoughts on “Daisy chains and love.

  1. The bumper is gorgeous!
    I miss daisy chains! I hope I have a daughter one day so I have an excuse to make them! I don’t have a garden to make my own. 😦

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