Dipping back into embroidery.

After doing my Folksy Friday post and finding the pretty embroidery items, I fancied having a go at doing a little something! It’s been probably more than 20 years since I did any, I used to do it with my Gran on my weekly Sunday visits, between playing Scrabble of draughts! I popped into the local sewing shop (The Sewing Shop!) the next day and picked up a hoop and some threads..

I have a friend, Jodi (from yesterday’s post!) who will be decorating a room for Sylvie and thinking of doing a woodland theme so I thought I’d make a little hanging hoop of some toadstools to go in it. I didn’t have a special disappearing ink pen so I looked at a few pictures online and used one as a guide to look at. I’m pleased with how it turned out! It’s mostly done in backstitch with a few french knots. I think it helped cheer her up after a bit of a traumatic evening (all ok now though!)



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