A colourful day!


Five positive things from today:

  1. Cheering up a friend.. with a handmade gift. This is my favourite positive from today 🙂 
  2. Colourful. Today has looked so colourful! It seems spring has sprung. I noticed a few blossom trees, lots of yellows and pinks popping up from luscious green grass! Wore a yellow top today and got a couple of people comment on how lovely it was to see some bright colour! Spotted this feather flitting around in the breeze this morning, not colourful but had a pretty pattern.feather
  3. Violet. Today and the last couple of days her little character is really starting to show! She can be very serious when inspecting new faces, but with those she’s familiar with she’s all smiles and toothy grins. She laughs at a special few people just because she can and is starting to laugh when you do! She’s getting her cheeky grin perfected pretty quick too! She’s a real pleasure 🙂
  4. Goodnight phone call. My husband has just called to say goodnight, he was away last night and tonight with work, boo hoo, but back tomorrow 🙂 He always calls me though, love to hear his voice on the phone! 🙂
  5. Another project done. Finally got round to sorting Violet’s cot bumper – it didn’t have enough ties on it so it was flapping around and looked a mess, so today I used some of the left over fabric from my skirt, cut up some strips and sewed them on, along with three hearts to make it a bit more interesting as it was just plain off white. Looks much better but Violet is asleep now so will take a couple of photos tomorrow!

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