Just call me Quasimodo!


Today’s five positive things..

  1. Not cancelling. This morning when I woke up I felt a bit rough – my skin has flared a bit, I’ve done something to my back and I’ve got a blocked milk duct (if I had to describe it with a film character it would be Quasimodo!) I had a friend coming to visit this morning and I very nearly cancelled. But, I jumped in the shower and pulled myself together instead! Skin felt much better after showering, my friend came and we had a lovely catch up! I’d not see her since Violet was a few weeks old and she now has a five month old little boy so finally got to meet him! He was full of smiles and had a lot to say, and found Xander highly amusing!
  2. Finishing my skirt! I’m so pleased with it!
  3. Cake! Baked a carrot cake today, think it’s only the second time I’ve done one! It’s just cooling then I’m going to (hopefully) enjoy a slice with a cup of tea! I shall blog it tomorrow if it’s as delicious as it looks!
  4. Children laughing. While I was upstairs getting Violet to sleep, Millie and Xander were watching a bit of Big Bang Theory. Most of the humour goes over their heads but I could hear Xander giggling away at something, he then came upstairs and told me about it as he’d found it so amusing!
  5. Crochet. Got the rest of the evening to myself as Webby is out working so going to get my crochet bag out, got some ends that need weaving in! Good night!

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