‘Brrrrrrring’ & a wonky Cathedral!

Here’s my five positive things for today!

  1. Lovely comments from strangers. As I was waiting in queue to pay for some things in Sports Direct, a lady walked past and commented on what a lovely sling I had on. I had my Rose & Rebellion one on 🙂
  2. I got a WordPress ‘brrrrring’ notification on my phone to say I’d had 200 likes on my blog so far! Nice to know people are enjoying my blogging!
  3. Handmade. Violet was wearing her booties from my friend Jane today, they always get comments because they’re just lovely! I love handmade gifts!booties
  4. Evening run. I almost didn’t go running today, ran out of time this morning before going shopping with my folks so was going to put it off. But then my husband said ‘why don’t you go this evening?’ so thats what I did. I don’t usually go in the evening as I really don’t feel like it by then but actually it was quite a lovely time of day to go! The cathedral looked good in the setting sun, I managed to snap a bit of a wonky photograph (whilst running!) with my phone! Great reflections on the pool.Lichfield Cathedral
  5. Inspired take two. In yesterday’s post I mentioned that a friend of mine had been inspired to start running.. Today my husband donned his trainers and went for a run! He hadn’t been for about two years! He’s completed a few half marathons in the past so isn’t a stranger to running, he reckons we should do a 10k together soon – eep!

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