Chats and challenges!


  1. Showers. I was stood in the hot, powerful shower this morning, with a cup of tea, thinking ‘ahhh this is bliss’. I do love a good shower. While we were away I missed our shower! The ok-but-not-great shower in the upstairs bathroom seemed a better option than using the power shower downstairs as I couldn’t stomach stepping out into arctic conditions after being in the warm! It got me thinking how we take things for granted, we’re lucky to even have one! I remember when we visited the Philippines in my childhood, bathing using a cup and a big tub full of cold water! Other countries don’t have as much as that! Its all too easy to forget how lucky we are..
  2. Warm (ish) sunshine! The sun was out again today only this time it actually had a bit of warmth! Could this be spring at last?!
  3. Visiting friends. Had a trip to Manchester today to visit my lovely friend Sarah! (She blogs here and makes amazing cakes!) We had great little catch up, with chats about blogging, de-cluttering and of course the good old uni days! The children all played beautifully and didn’t want to leave! After lunch we walked down to the local park, where the fun continued and Violet had her first go on a swing!ImageXander zonked out in car on way back he had so much fun! ImageThank you Sarah for a fab day 🙂 And thank you Webby for driving us up there! ❤
  4. Blossom. As we were walking back from the park in Manchester there was a beautiful cherry blossom tree! The first I’ve seen in bloom this year, they’re so pretty!
  5. Race for Life. I’ve entered my first race! Eep! A 5k Race for Life in June. I don’t think I’m going to actively go looking for sponsors as it’s more a personal achievement thing but I do have a sponsor me page if anyone would like to!

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