Oh crumpets!

Been a busy day of more de-cluttering today.. Here’s my five!

  1. Back to cloth. Violet is a cloth nappy wearer but whilst we were on holiday we chose to use disposables, so felt good to get back to using cloth! cloth nappiesMost of my stash comes from Tiny Nippers, lovely patterns and great service. I’m a huge fan of their minkee nappies, and their washable baby wipes are fab too!
  2. Cookery books and photo albums. My project today was to finish going through cookery books, scanning wanted recipes and then donating the books to charity. (Violet was heading for the pile of them I’d left on floor in photograph!) That didn’t take as long as I thought! It made me realise that when I want a recipe I usually head straight for the world wide web! Next was photo albums, I take a lot of photos so had a fair few albums from pre-digital times! Not only was there a lot, but there was an awful lot of badly taken ones. I went through them one by one, keeping the ones that meant something to me, some not necessarily good photos but that had a memory attached to them. Now instead of albums full of naff photos we have a box full of photos we’ll cherish. I’ve mentioned to a few people that Webby had gone through his photos and only kept a few, and I think they struggled with the thought of throwing away photographs. I can understand that as it took me a while to decide to do the same. Think it’s like a plaster, do it quick else you might think yourself out of it! But am I going to miss the out of focus photograph of half of my friends head, or the other five shots of Millie sitting playing with a toy (I’m a bit snap happy!), or the numerous shots of scenery?! Doubt it. This is the box for the fire!IMG_7633Webby also cleared out some drawers we had in the living room that were getting stuffed with bits of paper and pens and unused colouring books. This has meant the living room has had a bit of a facelift and is looking even tidier! The kitchen got a bit of a spring clean too!
  3. Teeth. Violet has cut one of her top teeth, poor thing with sore gums. The reason I’ve put it as a positive is that it means there’s one less pain for her to go through.
  4. Dancing. Webby popped some music on while I was cooking tonight, Orbital I believe! The big kids love having a boogie round the living room, Xander’s moves are quite something! Violet was sat in her high chair and even she started bouncing away, the first time she’s done that! 😀
  5. Crumpets! Popped to shops to pick up a few bits this afternoon and picked up some crumpets that were calling out to me! And some rhubarb & ginger jam, lovely with a cup of tea! Off to relax in the tidy lounge! crumpets

5 thoughts on “Oh crumpets!

  1. Yay for clothy bums 🙂 I went to my friends last night to show her how to put them on her diddy newborn..I love spreading the clothy vibes 🙂

  2. Must must get my cloth sorted this weekend! I’ve got so many nappies. My only reason I put them off is the sheer amount of laundry with a household of 7, & a tumble dryer on the blink 😦 need a new washing line pole too! (& sun!)

      1. Yes, could do that but my bamboos with take yonks to dry. (Plus reluctant putting radiator on after recent eon bill… Twonks!)

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