Ooooh! Look what the postie bought me!

  1. …Fabric! For skirt number two! I love it! Can’t wait to get started on it though not sure if I’ll get chance this side of Easter but we’ll see!fabricIsn’t it gorgeous?! Thank you to Stitch Fabrics for their super quick delivery!
  2. Another delivery! A friend popped in unexpectedly this morning with a box of six homemade carrot muffins with ‘Happy Easter’ written on top, such a lovely thing she is! And they’re delicious! Yum
    Don't think they'll last long!
    Don’t think they’ll last long!


  3. Baby led weaning. We’re doing baby led weaning with our third child, Violet. It’s the first time we’ve done it but it seems to be going very well! Does seem to make a lot of sense to wait until they can actually put things in their mouths themselves! Today we tried a new food – toast pizzas – and they went down a treat!
  4. Mum & Dad’s for tea! My brother and his family went too so that meant cuddles with a newborn and watching my five year old son and my nearly four year old niece run around like loons! Scrummy dinner, thanks Mum!
  5. Ten years! Last but not least, my husband and I have been together for ten years today! I think thats pretty amazing 🙂 We met in a pub where I was working as a barmaid and he’d come to show his friends his beloved VW Beetle, that’s my first memory of him! But it was another four months before we got it together, and now here we are, three children, a house and few cars later! We’re very lucky, love you Mr. xx

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