Today’s five.

  1. Goodbye stuff. Managed to wrap up and send of most of our eBay sales today! Was tougher than you’d think – it took me all morning to wrap items as Violet wasn’t very settled, our car is broke so I had to walk in the freezing weather with a big bag, but luckily the ice had mostly thawed so I didn’t fall on my arse!
  2. Good service. Did a small shop with Ocado and had it delivered today. Their service is fab! The friendly guy came on time, he handed me the bags so I didn’t have to bend down and the bags are big and good quality so make for much better bin liners!
  3. New followers. Had a few new followers to the blog today, thank you and hello!
  4. Harry Potter. Sat here typing listening to my husband reading Harry Potter to Millie – Xander has fallen asleep!
  5. Hand me downs. My friend’s Mum popped in earlier with a bag of clothes for Violet, very grateful that she thought of us to hand them to!

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