Cooking crayons!

Whilst tidying out the children’s drawing and colouring drawer, I found their box of crayons that they’re not really interested in anymore. Instead of chucking them I thought I’d try recycling them into bigger chunky crayons that look more fun to use! I’d seen a couple of pins on pinterest that have tutorials, and also on super scrimpers on TV the other week someone had done this too. I couldn’t remember the exact instructions but managed to figure it out! The part that took the longest was peeling the paper off them!

paper peeling.

Then I chopped up the crayons into little chunks, and divided them into an old muffin tin (it made 12). I mixed up all the colours, but I guess you could do them in sorted colours! Also I think they said on TV you can use paper cases so you don’t ruin the muffin tin.
So then I popped them in the oven, at gas 6 ish for five minutes. Keep checking them, you can see when they’re all melted. Take them out steadily as they will be quite runny and very hot, and leave them to cool. Turn them out and away you go!

chunky multicoloured crayons.