Christmas -6

6 days to go! though the ‘-6′ is also applicable to the temperatures we’re getting this week! brrrr. anyway, so, this is it, christmas 2010, and like every year it seems to have suddenly come round. kids broke up from school friday so we have a week of excitedness ahead, thinking we might do chrismassy activities – paper chains, glittery pictures, snowflakes – to fill the days. oh and a visit to the dentist on wednesday for a filling (booooooo!)

before 2006, our christmas’ would consist of a visit to my folks then mr. mia’s folks, one for lunch, one for dinner and we’d alternate each year which way round we did it. sadly, in 2006 i lost my gran, it’s amazing how the loss of one person can change the dynamics of the day.. when gran was here, she’d be at my folks’ all day, and my cousin would always pop round to see her, and my uncle and auntie would come in the evening to pick gran up and take her to their house for boxing day. now though, they come before christmas to drop presents so christmas day has become less of a family gathering. i miss her.. this year my mum is doing us lunch (we’ve done it a couple of times since 2006 but its not the same as going to mum’s as she’s an amazing cook!), then we’ll be off to my in-laws for tea.

we’ve managed to be quite organised this year! we’ve had all the presents sorted way before we usually do, so it feels a lot more relaxed this year which is nice, i think as we’re not cooking too – my mum loves cooking and doesn’t stress about it, whereas when we did it, there was a lot of tension which is a shame on christmas day.

this year both our children know about santa, our ickle boy is now 3 and a half so realises that santa shall be bringing his presents! and our ickle girly is almost 6 so it’s probably the last year she’ll fully believe, i think before next year she’ll of heard older kids saying santa isn’t real (gasp) and we’ll have to convince her that the big man in the red suit is real and that anyone who doesn’t believe won’t be getting presents. i can’t remember when i found out, how old were your children when they found out? were they upset? how did they find out?

along with presents, santa leaves footprints in our house!

santa's been!

this idea was passed on to us by a friend, we use mr. mia’s slippers and sprinkle talc or flour around them. i think my favourite bit of christmas is watching the kids coming down the stairs and their faces lighting up šŸ™‚ get the hoover ready though as there’s potential for lots of mess! obviously santa uses magic to stop the snow melting so as not to leave puddles! what’s your favourite part of christmas?

4 thoughts on “Christmas -6

  1. I was 9 when I found out about santa. I went in my moms wardrobe and found a doll that was a lamp and thought right if she says this is from santa I’ll know the truth! Anyway christmas morning came and no sign of the doll lamp and I was thrilled and then about an hour later my mom said ‘and heres another one santa left behind’ and it was the doll/lamp! I was devastated, although the doll I can see so clearly in my mind with blonde curly hair and a pink ginham dress – it was about 1984 and it was really a big thing these stand up dolls that were actually lamps and there faces were the light.

    With my children, my eldest was 10 when he found out!! I am still so chuffed he lasted so long, but when he was about 6 there was a child who was a jovah witness and had told everyone in school santa wasnt really real. He told me this as I was washing up and I remember gripping the sink thinking oh god here we go, but suddenly he sat at the table and said ‘I told all the other kids = “well huh, if you don’t believe in santa do you really think he’s going to travel miles through the air to bring you presents? no way, so your parents are going to have to go and get all your presents instead”! I was so chuffed that he had already decided that the only reason it would be parents instead of santa was if children didnt believe! When 10 he approached us and asked and said ‘tell me the truth cus I need to know now’ so I said ok and I did. He went a bit pale, watery eyed and said ‘oh…… so I won’t get a stocking with presents?’ I said ‘oh of course you will, but obviously it’ll be me and dad’ at which point he said ‘oh phew thats fine then’ and disappeared to write yet another christmas list!!!

  2. me again – so many spelling mistakes – sorry – thats what happens when I’m discussing santa with a 6 yr old in the room and im trying to rush in case she appears behind me and starts reading!! x

  3. I hope you have a fun week! We will be doing a lot of the same things! My kids are 11, 8 and 6 and they still completely believe in Santa despite having had children tell them differently at school. It makes me happy to see them enjoy the magic, so much of that is gone for some children. When my oldest was about 5 she asked how could Santa be at both Shopping Malls, the North Pole and everywhere else she was seeing him. I explained that Santa has “helpers” whom he asks to dress like him and report back what all the children are doing and what they want! She was satisfied with that!! I remember being 11 or 12 and really knowing , but not wanting to let go of the magic. It is scary sometimes how fast childhood flies!! Merry Christmas ickle family!! : )

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