My poor Mr. Mia had to put up with Cakezilla this weekend. I’m no professional cake maker but have made a few cakes for other people, one being a school mum friend who recommended me to a friend of hers who asked me to make two christening cakes. I love baking, and if working with buttercream I don’t get too stressed out, but this time it was the dreaded rolled icing so out came Cakezilla. I get stressed, and snappy and probably a bit of a cow to live with!!! I didn’t know the lady who I was making them for so I was very nervous about getting them right. Also the cakes needed names writing on them, and I can’t really remember if I’ve done that before, so if I have it was a long time ago! I found some videos on YouTube to watch and learned how to make parchment piping bags although in the end I cheated and bought some ready made icing in a tube. And thankfully they turned out ok!! And the lady was really happy with them. Hope they tasted ok!! Mr. Mia tells me they did (he taste tested the bit I cut off the top!!) I can’t taste as I’m gluten free at the moment so I’ll have to take his word for it!!
As soon as I knew she was happy with the cakes I returned to being Mia! Not sure I will take on rolled icing cakes again, although I do get a real sense of achievement when they’re done but my eczema tends to play up when I’m stressed and it’s been a bit sore this week. Also had a dentist appointment which didn’t help! Hopefully it’ll get better now though 🙂

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