Christmas -6

6 days to go! though the ‘-6′ is also applicable to the temperatures we’re getting this week! brrrr. anyway, so, this is it, christmas 2010, and like every year it seems to have suddenly come round. kids broke up from school friday so we have a week of excitedness ahead, thinking we might do chrismassy activities – paper chains, glittery pictures, snowflakes – to fill the days. oh and a visit to the dentist on wednesday for a filling (booooooo!)

before 2006, our christmas’ would consist of a visit to my folks then mr. mia’s folks, one for lunch, one for dinner and we’d alternate each year which way round we did it. sadly, in 2006 i lost my gran, it’s amazing how the loss of one person can change the dynamics of the day.. when gran was here, she’d be at my folks’ all day, and my cousin would always pop round to see her, and my uncle and auntie would come in the evening to pick gran up and take her to their house for boxing day. now though, they come before christmas to drop presents so christmas day has become less of a family gathering. i miss her.. this year my mum is doing us lunch (we’ve done it a couple of times since 2006 but its not the same as going to mum’s as she’s an amazing cook!), then we’ll be off to my in-laws for tea.

we’ve managed to be quite organised this year! we’ve had all the presents sorted way before we usually do, so it feels a lot more relaxed this year which is nice, i think as we’re not cooking too – my mum loves cooking and doesn’t stress about it, whereas when we did it, there was a lot of tension which is a shame on christmas day.

this year both our children know about santa, our ickle boy is now 3 and a half so realises that santa shall be bringing his presents! and our ickle girly is almost 6 so it’s probably the last year she’ll fully believe, i think before next year she’ll of heard older kids saying santa isn’t real (gasp) and we’ll have to convince her that the big man in the red suit is real and that anyone who doesn’t believe won’t be getting presents. i can’t remember when i found out, how old were your children when they found out? were they upset? how did they find out?

along with presents, santa leaves footprints in our house!

santa's been!

this idea was passed on to us by a friend, we use mr. mia’s slippers and sprinkle talc or flour around them. i think my favourite bit of christmas is watching the kids coming down the stairs and their faces lighting up 🙂 get the hoover ready though as there’s potential for lots of mess! obviously santa uses magic to stop the snow melting so as not to leave puddles! what’s your favourite part of christmas?

Happy funny christmas!

Every year my friends from school meet up so our children can have a fake Christmas and open presents from each other. This tradition evolved when we first had our babies and we had our fake Christmas on Christmas eve. Now Christmas eve isn’t always convenient so we just make it on a day that we can all (or mostly) come together at same time. This year that day was today. Have had a lovely afternoon chatting and the children have had so much fun playing together and doing pressies 🙂 I hope it’s something we do for a long time.

My friend’s little boy has renamed it ‘funny Christmas’ because it’s fun hehe.

As we generally don’t do present for the adults, just for the kids, and as I was asked to bring pudding, instead of buying something I baked some cupcakes to take, and after watching Kirstie and Phil’s Christmas show I made some striped icing and cut the hearts and stars from it, very satisfying!! They went down very well! 😀

Cola cake – a cake made with coca cola!

Try it, it’s delicious!

This is a James Martin recipe, and you can watch him cook it here:

You may notice that I use different quantities of milk and cola for the cake, but this is because a friend told me the quantities in his book are different to the video, I have tried both, they are both delicious, the one on the video has more liquid and makes a much more moist cake, I thought it wasn’t cooked when I cut it, but it was fine!

Snow and frost!

This weather has made everything pretty, so lovely to photograph! Thought I’d share some of the ones I’ve taken 🙂 I’ve quite enjoyed this cold snap, but I’m not a driver and can walk the places I go everyday, there are one or two slippy patches but I have a pushchair to steady me!! Although it’s not doing our heating bill any favours! luckily my husband put in loft insulation a few weeks ago which has helped keep house a bit warmer than it would of been!


My poor Mr. Mia had to put up with Cakezilla this weekend. I’m no professional cake maker but have made a few cakes for other people, one being a school mum friend who recommended me to a friend of hers who asked me to make two christening cakes. I love baking, and if working with buttercream I don’t get too stressed out, but this time it was the dreaded rolled icing so out came Cakezilla. I get stressed, and snappy and probably a bit of a cow to live with!!! I didn’t know the lady who I was making them for so I was very nervous about getting them right. Also the cakes needed names writing on them, and I can’t really remember if I’ve done that before, so if I have it was a long time ago! I found some videos on YouTube to watch and learned how to make parchment piping bags although in the end I cheated and bought some ready made icing in a tube. And thankfully they turned out ok!! And the lady was really happy with them. Hope they tasted ok!! Mr. Mia tells me they did (he taste tested the bit I cut off the top!!) I can’t taste as I’m gluten free at the moment so I’ll have to take his word for it!!
As soon as I knew she was happy with the cakes I returned to being Mia! Not sure I will take on rolled icing cakes again, although I do get a real sense of achievement when they’re done but my eczema tends to play up when I’m stressed and it’s been a bit sore this week. Also had a dentist appointment which didn’t help! Hopefully it’ll get better now though 🙂